Mattresses, Sleep and Back Pain

What kind of mattress do you sleep on?

Mine is cheap and a big sink formed in it because I didn’t flip it. Gave me some back pain. How often do you flip your mattress? (if at all)

I hear Tempur pedic is the best, but it is very expensive down here. Maybe Serta?

The Tempurpedic bed may be the best investment you will ever make.

If there are two things worth spending a bit of money on, they are mattresses and pillows.

A few days on a high quality mattress with a pillow that works well for you, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Kingsdown is the best I’ve ever tried, I managed a mattress store and I must say the more expensive the better

not trying to hijack the thread, but you mentioned back pain, for which hyperextensions are amazing. worked wonders for me within a week.

Would love to hear from all the great coaches here on what mattress they recommend. Guys like Cressey and Robertson for sure.

I have a very good mattress, but I don’t remember what brand it is (one of the big names, higher end line). We flip it, rotate it, flip and rotate it about every month or so. Just flipping it isn’t enough for the longest life.


I like Select Comfort beds with either a memory foam pad or a feather matress pad over the top.

The reason Select Comfort Beds are so great is you can adjust them to best fit you. If you are thick in the middle, you can pump them up high to support your lower back and keep it from sagging.

If you have a tappered build you can go with lower air pressure so your shoulders and hips sink in causing the air to push up and support your lower back.

Not only has tempur-pedic stopped my achy mornings, but it’s also stopped my nymph from falling into the gravity well I create.

And pillows? Which kinds are best?

I bought my bed 1 year ago and I still say it’s the best investment I’ve made. Mine was around $1,300 but like anything else, you can go much higher or lower.

I went with Simmons Beautyrest, Ultra firm. I have lower back issues and they have been greatly reduced since. This bed does not require flipping. One other tip, ask your saleperson what material is inside the bed. Look for LATEX material. It lasts longer by supporting your weight and springing back to original form easily.

I recently ordered a 4" SERTA mattress topper from It was under $200 shipped. It is easily the best two-hundred dollars I have spent in my life.

[quote]datta wrote:
And pillows? Which kinds are best?[/quote]

Tempurpedic comfort pillow. They around around $100 - less than, I suspect, a lot of guys spend on supplements in a single month.

Chiroflow pillows, normal pillow top with a variable volume water bladder underneath, best $50 I ever spent.


We recently added a 3" memory foam mattress topper to our bed. At first it was a bit strange feeling, but it’s been incredible. I bought it on e-bay for 90 pounds plus 20 pounds s&h. (my pound symbol doesn’t display here)

It’s been one of the best things we ever bought. The other best thing are the latex pillows I bought about two years ago. I got whiplash in a car wreck many years ago.

I’ve experimented with orthopedic pillows for over 20 years, and these latex pillows win hands down. Not only (like memory foam) do they react to body heat and mold to the contours of the body/neck, but they’re shaped like normal pillows, although they’re fairly heavy for pillows.

I’ve read that these sort of pillows don’t harbor dust mites either. They were expensive. I got them on sale for 35 pounds each. They haven’t lost a bit of their shape.

Between the memory foam and the latex pillows, we’re getting the best night sleep ever!

I don’t suppose I’d add a topper to a mattress that sounds like it’s on it’s last leg as you described yours is, but anyone else who has a firm mattress, but finds themselves tossing and turning due to joint or back pain, this is a great solution. I splurged for the 3" topper, and the fitted sheet has to really stretch to get over it, but next solution will be purchasing some of those deeper fitted sheets to accommodate the extra height.


My Tempurpedic mattress is by far the best bed I have ever slept on. Took me about 2 nights getting used to it and now I can sleep on my back and wake up still there on my back. Whereas any mattress prior I would toss and turn all night, usually sleeping on my stomach or one of my sides.

I can’t recommend it enough.