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Mattress for Bad Back?

I’m pretty sure my mattress is putting me in more pain. Have any of you guys switched mattress or can you recommend a mattress that helped relieve herniated disc pain/symptoms

I’ve had a new Casper for a couple of weeks and I really like it.
Edit: It’s one of the hybrids they sell

I got a “Live & Sleep” memory foam mattress, 10 inch, california king (king-sized but a bit longer) for like $250 3 years ago and it’s been AWESOME the entire time. From what I can find, it looks like it’s more like $400 now, which I’d still pay in a heartbeat.

As an aside, I’m a fellow herniated disc sufferer, who had YEARS of feet going numb when I stood up and sciatic pain like lightning bolts down my legs, having to duck into the bathroom at work and sit down on the toilet to be able to breathe from the pain, and I’m relatively pain free now - can I ask what you’re doing besides getting a mattress to fix your pain, and also, are you a stomach sleeper?

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I just started using the inversion table regularly it’s been a few years where I would get flare ups that would last a few weeks but lately it’s been happening more often. Also the dr prescribed some anti inflammatory that you take 10 on day 1 9 on day 2 and so on until 1 on day 10 that worked in the past but now I’m getting anti inflammatory injections once a week. What helped you get pain free? And also did you ever get range of motion back? I have an appointment for a spinal surgeon in April but I’m worried about the recovery time.

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We have an adjustable (head and feet) tempur-pedic cloud which is awesome. Not cheap but I love it.

I also get acupuncture every two weeks. A good practitioner can do wonders for pain.

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Obviously some herniations are way worse than others, so your situation maybe different than mine, but I had had spinal fusion suggested to me, and I didn’t want to get it.

The first thing was, I was stretching my lower back to get relief and I had to stop - it was giving me temporary relief but was making the situation a lot worse. The second thing was I had to strengthen my abs - my lower abs especially (I know the abs are “one muscle” but any leg-raise variation was difficult), planks, reverse crunches and leg raises helped. The third thing was strengthening my lower back with hyperextensions, Superman’s, mule kicks, fire hydrants, and good mornings.

Basically, the herniation happened and got worse because a bunch of stuff was weak, and because strengthening the weak stuff was agony, I didn’t do it, which made stuff get weaker and perpetuated the cycle.

Now, in bad herniations and ones that crush the sciatic nerve, you may indeed need surgery. But a lot of sciatic “pain” is actually piriformis tightness that can be relieved. Anyhow, it’s worth it to ask yourself if things are weak and you’re avoiding them because they hurt, but I’m not a professional and this is the internet, so even if I was I couldn’t properly diagnose you. I just know that at this point in time, spinal surgery is quite a final option. I can touch my toes, dunk a basketball, run 6 miles, deadlift mid 400s and carry my kids around all day without much discomfort, and about 6 years ago I couldn’t stand up after sleeping or sitting down without bracing the wall, so it’s been a pretty drastic rehab.

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A lot of what you said is pretty similar to what I’m dealing with right now. My goal at the moment is to be able to tie my shoes with out pain. I definitely appreciate the advice. This week I started doing GHR’s twice a week 3-5 sets of 10 and after reading your post I’m going to religiously do some ab work a few times a week. I’d really like to avoid the surgery. My first appointment with the surgeon is April 26th I’m hoping to be improving by then and see if it opens up more options

Thats huge Flap! Good for you for figuring it out, and not getting stuck perpetuation the problem.

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my exp with having disc herniation:
mattress is not super relevant.
a) I got a kneeling chair for office work. huge improvement
b) good physical therapy (i recommend places which specialize in spine, and spend at least 50% of your time on chiro type adjustments, and not just put you in front some machines)
c) and as others here mentioned, core - straightening
d) couple supplements ca be used as aid: curcumin (i use dr best), bromelain. which can reduce inflammation causing pressure
e) avoid steroid injections and don’t rush into surgery. give yourself 12+ months to see results, although you will have improvements along the way