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Mattress/Bed for Bigger Athletes with Back Pain?


Chronic back pain and insomnia, been that way for years. My current mattress seems to be at least 5 years old and was wondering if it’s time for a new one, and if anyone on here who is a real researcher has suggestions for certain mattresses and box springs (if that matters) that might be a good fit for bigger athletic guys and Back tightness. But a caveat I can’t afford those $2-3k sorts of Temper Pedicure and Sleep Number. Just financially way out of my range.

I found an article that claims to review mattresses just meant for chronic back pain, but these days on Internet I can’t tell if the article is really just guises marketing or someone who gets a percentage of income from people linking to those sites from their article. It says these are back pain specific : Amerisleepas2,Saatva,Helix and Bear. And it specifically says the Bear is for athletes… Is this BS? They’re all in the $1k range which is steep for my budget but living with chronic back tightness and bouts of insomnia is a killer so if I can get a mattress that alleviates some of that I will. Most of my life I just bought the cheapest mattress I could find and threw it on the floor like a spartan and never had a problem. Then after some surgeries that caused secondary back tension I had to pony up and this last mattress cost $1300 or so. But I think it’s days are numbered after at least 5 but maybe 7-8 years. I’m 245-250 pounds unless I do strict Low carb and I get down to 230 which I’m trying to do now as well.

Thanks for any insight.


Usually you can find Tempur pedic with a no interest payment plan.


Whether propoghanda or not there are a lot of reviews saying Temperpedic and memory foam causes lower back pain for those that already have issues.


All I can say is that I’ve had one for years. Love it. Adjustable too.


Sorry it’s out of your range, but we have a sleep-number and it’s well worth the money imo. I sleep on the hardest setting and have seen a reduction in back pain.

Imo, you spend a lot of your time on your mattress and it’s one of those purchases worth spending the extra $$$ on.


Thanks. Maybe I’ll see what their lowest price offerings are. I also worry it’s harder to transport and I live in an apartment and at any point they raise my rent too high I’ll be moving on to another apartment and if it’s a big solid unit like it seems on the commercials, it could be a hassle to transport or fit or move into another apartment. One of the pitfalls of beach living when you can’t afford the “cheap homes” in town of $2 million.


PS I have read firm is good for Back pain as well stomach sleeping which I tend to do. Stomach or side sleeper.


They are definitely a BITCH to move. No doubt


Hahaa thanks for that confirmation. I was actually gonna head to store this weekend but for now will put it on hold. Not sure if my rent will skyrocket next lease period and if so I’d be in bad spot. I’m trying to read up on these Amerisleep and Bear mattresses. Around $1k and supposedly supposedly good for “athletes “ and back pain etc. damn thing is all the articles I find online seem to be guised marketing and I’m not sure if it’s all hype.


We just got a tempur-pedic, and it’s awesome. It’s certainly worth it to spend on a quality mattress, but to make it more tolerable:

  1. Buy a floor model. We saved a huge amount, and who cares if people lay it fully clothed for 20 seconds? (plus, of course, you add a mattress cover and sheets anyway).
  2. As stated above, we also got no interest financing. Shop around and you can find this, and try to combine it with a sale already going.


I’ve known a couple people who swear by Denver Mattress Company. I found them a little too tough for me, but others I’ve known have loved them. Another company to research, if you’re so inclined.


So we were looking at tempurpedic beds and they’re super expensive, and we found a memory foam mattress for 250 bucks, a California king. Most people think king is longer than queen, but it’s just 18 inches wider. A California king is 12 inches wider and 6 inches longer. Anyhow, I thought maybe it’ll be crap but then I’m just out $250, whatever. Well I’ve had it for 2 years now and it’s done a world of good for my back - and I have long term chronic back pain. Even if it craps out tomorrow (which it won’t), id be able to buy a new one every 2 years for 20 years before I hit $2500 total- the cost of a new tempurpedic.


Resort sleep 10 inch memory foam mattress, California king size. It looks like the price is up to $339. Still WELL worth the price in my opinion. Memory foam isn’t some precious metal or rare jewel.


I’m all for considering cheaper options. Waiting a month to see if my rent gets skyrocketed and if I’m forced to move. Once I know I’m staying I’ll be seriously considering all my options both cheaper and high end.


Temperpedic. The ONLY bed i’ll own and the last one you’ll own.


Thanks guys for feedback. Seems like if I ever do own a home That a sleep number or temperpedic is the way to go or at least seriously consider.