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Matting For Garage Gym


hi everyone-

I have a 2 1/2 car garage, and the plan is to turn my half of it into a gym. I have already purchased a power rack, barbell, plates etc. I am looking for recommendations of good solid material (rubber?) for the flooring. Does anyone have any recommendations (and sources)?



One answer... 4X6 3/4 inch rubber "stable mats".

Try and find a tack shop (horse equipment) or feed/grain store like Agway or other place. Look in the yellow pages.

One 4x6 costs around $39.00 ea. at these places. Or you can pay up to $99.00 for the EXACT SAME THING at a gym supply store.


That's exactly what I did. I wet out to Tractor Supply and bought horse-stable mats. Works like a gem.



I got "Cow Mats" $40, 3/4" thick. Excellent.


I made the mistake of thinking id not bother for a while...didnt bother to put collars on a deadlift, well....you can imagine the dent in my parent's expensive pool house flooring :frowning: oops.
They ahvent found out yet, I put a floormat over it and so I live on a while longer!


IL Cazzo

I'm in Jersey too, where did you get your mats?




Interestingly enough, I currently live in Jersey (Central) as well.