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Matter How I Sleep?


As long as I get my eight hours every night?

I go to sleep around four or five AM most nights and wake up around twelve or one PM. I've also read that it's best not to exercise in the morning, because you'll have just woken up. How long after waking up should I wait before training?


Do you have a real reason for going to bed so late and waking up equally late?

A job something along those lines?

That kind of messed up sleep cycle isn't good for ya long term, there was another thread about it not too long ago.

I'd say you're fine to workout whenever you feel loose enough to not strain something, could be 1 hr, could be 4.


I know some coaches on this site advocate that the hours you sleep before midnight are better than the ones you sleep after midnight. I used to go to bed at 9pm and get up at 5pm to train in the morning and I felt great every day. Due to school now I usually sleep 11-7 or 12-8, and I defintely feel more tired throughout the day. Perhaps your body is used to it. If you feel good and have energy, keep doing it. If not, try to sleep earlier.


Nothing at all wrong with working out after just waking up...you just have to make sure you're stretched and loose and actually all the way awake to have a good workout.


Could be wrong but I remember hearing somewhere that sleeping on your right side is better for digestion in the long run....don't know how much of a difference that makes to you but whatever



See number 6. This site says the left side.


yeah my dad told me his doc said the left side is less likely to reflux because of how the stomach is shaped.