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Matt Wenning's 804 Bench - 3 Reds


Anyone know what he was failed for?


Being awesome? Difficult to see, but maybe his butt came up.


That was what I thought, but then I read that he got 3 reds (though I'm not sure how accurate that may or may not be), which made me think, how the fuck would the head judge know if his butt came up?


from outlaws:


I thought I saw some side to side movement of his hips after his butt came up, maybe that is what tipped the head judge off?

edit: NVM I was wrong


I guess I see it now that I'm looking for it, guess that's why I'm not a judge and why judges don't use video.

Impressive lift no matter what.


If that's the case, why did the head ref push the two spotters away midway thru the lift? I mean, if Matt got reds before he even started the lift, why does it matter?


"just after initial lockout, but prior to the rack command"

The shift comes after lockout. Watch closely and you can see it (I think?)


Yes, WOW, that was the slightest downward motion to. A milisecond later he could have gotten the rack command.


Sorry, I'm an idiot. For some reason I thought they were talking about the 'soft' handoff... as in the initial lockout being having it locked in his hands before he started the lift.

Whoops. haha

But yeah, that was an incredibly tiny amount of downward motion for all three refs to have caught.