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Matt Rhodes 5/3/1 Hybrid


Solid template from The Mayor. Good for those whining about slow progression/light weight...


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What about Matt's post, or the program itself, makes you think this is related to 5/3/1?


The title was just the first thing that came to mind. However...

Has a Squat, bench, deadlift, military day.

Deload/ much lighter lifting about every 4 weeks

Different rep scheme each week

Assistance work laid out the same way

Its no BS and will get you stronger


It isn't 5/3/1. It's an 8-week plan that looks like it was built using Prilipen's chart. I'm doing something quite similar right now, but saying this has anything to do with 5/3/1 isn't correct.


I like the looks of this program in terms of the load progression. Wendler's 5/3/1 was a little slow in that department but I think that was done on purpose for the average Joe's.


Yes, this is good for a quick strength boost relatively speaking. Regular 5/3/1 is more of a year round approach

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It's block periodization.


How do you figure? It looks linear to me -- increasing intensity, decreasing volume over the course of the cycle.


Block periodization generally is "linear" in regards to the numbers used, but the lifts and techniques change through each phase of the program. I believe Rhodes actually said at one point that this program is one that he and Brian Holloway came up with based on Brian's knowledge of block periodization. Brian was the same guy that wrote up Vincent Dizenzo's block program.


I like it as well, I wonder if the percentages off of a true 1RM or a percentage of your 1RM.


Okay. Where do you see the lifts changing? It looks to me as though they're running the program for 8 weeks with the same main movements and same basic assistance work.


Oh lol, it's just a linear program. A solid one at that.


I'm wondering this as well. It would be pretty tough right off the bat if it was based on a true max.




I think just a current training max is fine, I could also see it working using 90% of your max


Use 95% if you can't decide, or plug in numbers and see what looks most reasonable.


Yeah my mistake. I initially just skimmed over the numbers and thought it was part of his training cycle for the last meet he did, I hadn't checked out the exercise list.

Edit: Apparently I wasn't paying much attention to the numbers either because there's no deload between what I thought were his transmutation and realization blocks. Must've been high on creatine...


I guess shit is coming full circle


The program is designed for athletes. Very rarely do we get more than 8 weeks with a team at any one time. On top of that, when we do get time, it's never in back to back blocks. The idea here is to maximize the time we do get. Most athlete blocks we get are between 4-8 weeks.

If we want to get technical, it's Block with a linear pattern. I don't like athletes (anyone) really doing more than 5 reps with the main lifts. Form breakdown is a real issue with athletes, so this limits the chance of fatigue/focus related injuries, to some degree.

I would recommend using a training max or even a meet max when running this program. If anyone is running it, feel free to email me if you have any questions. I'm running it myself, with a few other guys to see how it holds up. Any more information from you guys running it would greatly aid me in developing it.

Thanks for checking it out.


Great to have you posting here, hopefully we can give you some good feedback.