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Matt Ogus's Split Review


I'm 22 and I worked out since I was 18. In the last 9 month I worked out with this split:
Mon leg 1
Tue push 1
Wed pull 1
Thu leg 2
Fri push 2
Sat pull 2
Sun cardio

I liked it a lot but I think it is time to change it to give a new stimulus to my body.
My MR1 are 112,5kg squat, 150kg deadlift, 110kg bench

Since I want to continue to do hypertrophy but in the meantime I want to increase my MR1, I'm asking if this split could work taking into account that I want to continue to work out daily:

Mon upper
Tue lower
Wed chest biceps
Thu leg
Fri Back triceps
Sat shoulder
Sun Cardio


First of all, don't program for yourself yet. Pick a program that's proven to work and follow it religiously. Evidence suggests Greyskull LP or 5/3/1 would be good options for you (I have yet to hear anyone who didn't do well on either if they followed them properly). As a rule, novices should NOT program for themselves. It doesn't tend to do any good.

Since you were happy sticking to something for nine months, at a guess if you pick a good program you'll stick with it so you'd get good results.

However, in answer to your actual question: the proposed split looks like it will do precisely nothing good.

Also, it'd be good to know your height and weight, although I'm sorry to say just looking at the numbers I'm guessing you aren't very muscular at all, although you seem predisposed to deadlift (which is good, very good IMO). No squat should be so close to a bench press. If your DL is 150 kg, you'd hope your squat would be closer to around 130 kg. I might be wrong. You might be about 1.5 m tall and weigh 60 kg, inc which case they'd all be pretty decent lifts to work with, just oddly skewed between squat and bench\

Assuming, based on what you've said, that you are a novice who has never really trained properly, something like 5/3/1 or Greyskull will give you a bunch more size AND strength. That's the nice thing about being a novice.

What you've been doing and propose to do really won't do that. For starters there is pretty much zero recovery in there. How the hell are you going to get bigger or stronger without recovery? Second, it is way too complicated for a novice. The leg/push/pull isn't actually a bad approach but all you really need right now is some squat variation, press variation and deadlift variation with some rowing/pulling through in, and to only train four times a week at most.


I would also advise getting on a serious strength program for a while, and follow it to the letter. At four years' training, your lifts should be higher than that. Especially at your age.


Thank you a lot for the answer! I don't consider my self a real beginner at least in the upper body because a simple linear progression 5x5 will not help me to increase the weight, because I already stalled with it at 95kg RM5 in the bench. Instead my squat is so low weight because at the beginning if I had to skip a day, it was definitely the leg day. When I decided to work hard also in the lower body I injured my knee. So I started to deadlift and squat seriosly only 9 month ago. I apologize my body for this madness but now I'm a chicken leg funny as Dan Bilzerian. I'm 174cm 67kg ( I lost 3kg in the last 2 month ) 9%.

I know the programs that you mentioned but they are too much low volume for me. I'm used to work out daily since 5 years, only in the gym since 2 years. If i will stay home without working out I will not have my pressure valve, the gym helps me to relieve the stress. I'm very active and I need much more volume for the reason that I recover very quickly.


Thank you for the answer! My main goal is to gain mass, it is the reason why I did not a real strength program. But keeping in mind that I have to increase my RM1 I was intentioned to start this hybrid program.
I usually see people doing powerlifting's program with big chest and back but small and disproportionate arm. I want volume also on arm! I'm 40cm 9% and I want to reach 43cm


agreed. Why is your bench and squat so close to each other in terms of 1RM


I think sticking to your current approach in terms of frequency and volume only makes sense if you'r happy with your results. By the sounds of it, you're not.


Sorry, I wanted to say "there are too LESS volume for me". I'm used to work out with much more volume. I think that I will do 3 steps back with a 5/3/1.
I mean i'm happy about the results ( except for the legs ) but I want always more as evryone. So I'm asking here if my approch could work or not. And if there is a better program that allows me to mantein the same volume and the same daily frequency.


Ok. If you're main goal is mass and aesthetics, just switch to a higher volume hypertrophy program. Your 1RM's will still improve, you'll build a lot more size, and you'll drastically improve your metabolism and conditioning. That would be a win on all counts.


If you want to keep the frequency on the high side I would do:


2 days on, 1 off.

Or this split from CT in this article: https://www.T-Nation.com/training/6-ways-to-reach-your-genetic-potential

Day 1 Back and deadlift
Day 2 Chest and shoulders
Day 3 OFF
Day 4 Biceps and Triceps
Day 5 Legs
Day 6 Chest and Back
Day 7 OFF


OK, so those actually are better numbers than they appear now I know what size you are. Cool.

Look, although you love the volume I really, REALLY would recommend going with 5/3/1 or Greyskull - if you need to get out of the house on recovery days, just go for a brisk walk for an hour or two. Add a weighted vest a la Jim Wendler if you really want to.

My understanding is that recovery is essential for growth - no recovery = poor growth.

If you give either of those programs a go for 3 months, I would be shocked if you didn't put on a bunch of size and get stronger.

I guess it's down to what matters most to you: the results or just being in the gym. Whichever makes you happy is the one to go for.


If your recovery is really so amazing then try Westside -as Dave Tate states either your 1rm will skyrocket or it will bury you...