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Matt Kroczaleski's New Sponsor


Not sure how I feel about "that company" now getting into powerlifting. I mean yes, it will bring more attention to our sport, but on the other hand...it's "that company".

Let's hear your thoughts on it since I'm still on the fence about it.

Link can be found here:



Does that mean he's going to use their products?


Good for him. What's the problem?


gotta pay the bills


I cant blame the guy, if someone waved $25,000 in my face, Id take it too. I dont like the idea of powerlifting having the same mass marketability that bodybuilding does, as it brings in a lot of weekenders and dumbs down the sport as a whole.


I realize that it is great for him! I mean anything that can help with the bills I'm all for. But now this opens the door for all of "that companies" customers to flood our websites and such.

Imagine now all the comments like "Will this product make me huuuge like the Kroc??" and all of the dumbasses that will now call themselves powerlifters without ever having been on the platform.

Oh well I guess as they say, any publicity is good publicity.


I would guess he'll say he does, and of course take a few pictures with the product in his hand lol


Who gives a shit. They have been involved in bodybuilding forever. Whatever brings attention and money to the sport, and especially money that goes directly to the lifters in the form of sponsorships, is fine by me. Look what Met-RX has done for Pudz.


Damn they must have given him a serious offer. I don't like their products but I can't say I wouldn't turn down free supplements and loads of cash.


I would guess that he WILL, since it'll be free anyway.

I couldnt care less. I have tried their protein and their creatine and hated them both. Completely ineffective


The weekenders have already started arriving...


Matt has given so many powerlifters inspiration and direction, I'm glad he can make some money in the process.


How can it be a bad thing? It brings MONEY to the sport. For any sport to take the next steps forward it needs backing.

Would the NFL be as successful and have the talent pool it has if there wasn't money in it? Or mma.......... Or.....




agreed. he should be able to capitalize on the fruits of his labor like anyone else. Congrats Kroc


Do you take any sponsor, even in they have unethical business practices? I mean they are ALWAYS being sued for false claims and such.

Haha clearly MMA execpts any since a good number of fighters have "Condom Depot" on their shorts lol.

Anyway I'm just bringing this up for debate purposes, not to disagree with you.


For the record, I really like that he is making money from what he loves to do, I just don't like where it's coming from.


Bleh, Biotest should've sponsered him, wtf. Still good for him though. I haven't tried that companies stuff yet as it seems like some of the most overhyped shit on the market.


And that differs from now how?


Yes..... I mean Nascar got big sponsorship from cigarettes and alcohol. Almost any large corporation has unethical business practices to someones definition of it.

If you don't personally feel like you would want to support and be supported by a company than you have the right to do so. But in a sport like powerlifting with very very little sponsorship and support for the athletes you of course would have a lot less say in this.

But with one sponsorship hopefully it brings more and other "better" companies may take notice. It can only help the sport....