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Matt Kroczaleski Tore His Tricep


Just heard it from my training partners, Matt Kroc tore his tricep doing Skull crushers, from what I hear it might be tore right off the bone, not sure on that, will keep you posted.


thats not good. please tell me it was at least with decent weight?


Tear off of the bone is better than a muscular tear.



NOOOO!!! Kroc is my favorite lifter.



I guess he'll be working a lot of legs



I met him at the 2010 Olympia. Awesome dude.

Hopefully he'll glue that shit back on ASAP and get back to it.


That would certainly fit Kroc's personality.


Is that because its easier to repair, easier to rehab or both?


Its easier to repair, and can actually be repaired. If you look at bodybuilders who have torn the muscle, as opposed to tendon detachment, Toney Freeman for example, it makes the muscle look like total shit. Only muscular tear Im aware of that can be repaired is a hernia.



^^ yep, Jason is spot on... my buddy tore his pec right in the middle of the muscle while warming up with some benches. The doctor said it was like sewing hamburger meat back together. From my understanding they would just anchor the tendon back to the bone or some thing like that.

BEST WISHES KROC! get well soon man.


And he's going to wait with the surgery... Oh well... Good luck and a speedy recovery Matt.


Oh man, that sucks. Heal fast.




http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=136335&tid=126 Humm I wasn't aware that he had an issue with his biceps as well, did he tear them some time ago?


Tore both of them at least once powerlifting. The conversation I had with him last night about it was awesome. And hilarious.



That is one hell of an attitude !

Reminds me of this:


Just as an aside this is the best Monty Python sketch ever - couldn't resist !


Wow, Matt's optimism is ridiculous.

"added bonus is that I am going to video the surgery and rehab process to include in my next DVD. I was disappointed in the past that I didn't record more of my bi rehab so this will give me an opportunity to do that this time around. I'll post more updates as things progress"

He just seems like "oh well, no big deal" like he'll be back to 100% in no time...Injuries like these are pretty damn serious and they take some time to recover from. I can say that I'd probably be pretty depressed and feeling shitty if tore my tricep...hats off to this guy, that's a warrior attitude.


unstable: Oh, what he says and thinks behind closed doors is another matter. Keeping an image is important for some people. :slightly_smiling:


It has taken 15 months to complete the recovery from my dorsal bicep-tendon rupture re-attachment. Matt is much younger(I was 46), much stronger, and all injuries are different. If he is able to compete by June it will be one more impressive accomplishment to add to his list........Best Of Luck to you Matt!!!!