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Matt Kroczaleski & Johnnie Jackson Powerlifitng


Haven't seen it posted yet:


woah, cant wait for that.


Oh man that's so cheesy....


Cheesy and awesome lol




Haha, it may be cheesy, but thats awesome.


Hmmm, maybe i should look into some stock. I can already see all the noobs running to buy up supps.


I'd rather just see some footage of them training, not some mock up like this.

That would have been one hell of a training environment to be in!




lolz, but for the 130 pound kids that it will be marketed to it will be cool as hell. I am happy for matt getting that endorsement tho, good for him.


I don't see it being anymore cheesy then T-Nation's "I, BODYBUILDER". :wink:


I'm curious as to how much Johnnie can one-arm row compared to Kroc...

And yeah, say cheese.


so has anyone seen the full movie yet??


The video might be a goof, but could be a good video if they actually push themselves.

It looks like that deadlift was only 585 lbs which is pretty much a joke for Kroc. He lifts with some great intensity so it could be a good video.

If they post it on Youtube I would check it out, not going to spend money for it though.




Here's the full vid

Cheesy as hell, but fun nonetheless. I'd like to see the raw footage without the super "hardcore" nonsense thrown in, it looked like Kroc had a few "what the fuck did he just say?" moments (re JJ) if you watch closely, haha.

Edit: embed doesn't want to work it seems.


So much fail.


Just seems to me that clearly Matt's strength seems to tower Johnnie's. Matt is damn strong.. hell hyper strong


Uhhhhh what? Matt's never pulled 800 raw. Johnnie has pulled over 800 several occasions raw.


Oh really.... Didn't know that....take back my words man...