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Matt Kroczaleski & BBB


Hey Jim you mentioned that your friend had done 5x20 squatting 415lbs in your BBB article. I've ran BBB in the past and now currently want to challenge myself with an even higher rep range this time around. Was curious what you might think about this setup below

3 cycles @50% TM, increasing TM as usual each cycle.
Weeks 1-3 5x10
Weeks 3-6 3x15
Weeks 7-9 : 1x10, 1x15, 1x20

Each cycle stays at or very close to 50 reps total, thank you for your time.


Your post reminded me that jim posted this here years back. Looks like exactly what you want. The formatting sucks scroll all the way down to the bottom.


Your template would probably be fine too.