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Matt Kroc's Deadlift Program

I posted about this a while back and was pointed toward the elitefts web site. Which has helped - but I still have a question or two.

Matt Kroc’s work outs seem to have the philosophy, big compound move for strength, and then pump work accessories to finish. As there is nothing on the dead lift work, or on the elitefts web site for Matt’s dead lifts accessories I’m struggling to understand what to do.
My questions:
As dead lifts have no concentric and eccentric phases for the back - is it worth doing a second strength movement before going to the pump work?
For example - dead lift (as per the program), weighted chin ups 1 set of rest pause (look for sets of 5-8 with 1 or 3 more reps).
And the what exercises for back pump work? I’ve never done pump work before and I alien to me.
I’ve tried one arm rows, bent over row and seated cable row. I just dont feel it.
Any ideas?

Some people have to hammer the crap out of the back to really feel it. Like do what ever would seem normal, then double it.

Did you check out the old posts on Matt’s log? The stuff from 2009 and so? Here are a few

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I didn’t go back to 2009. I look through a few years but didn’t see anything. And I just figured he’d stopped or stop writing them up.

Now I’ve found them they are fairly similar to the squat and bench work outs I found. So happy enough. Thanks @T3hPwnisher

i wouldnt mix rest pause/failure work with the program or you’ll be messing with the overall makeup of the template.just pyramid up to a couple tough sets

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