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Matt Kroc's Bench for Strength and Size


Absolutely the best program Ive tried. I started 531 last april and only went up 15 lbs in a yr in bench.. Today I hit my best PR, Ive went up 25 lbs since april of this yr. I use it for my Mill Presses as well, and will start it for the squats next wk. Just thought Id give a shout out for this program..




Pound increases dont mean much without knowing your actual lifts. So how much ya bench? And height, weight, weightgain during said gains etc..




Wow another guy from Westside who uses periodization for his clients.


I don't think Kroc was ever a Westsider.


Bench 380 HT 6'4" WT 280 I actually started my diet with this program and lost 10 lbs in 3wks. Lost fat by pushing my ass away from the table, and not eating fast food. My goal is about 2 lbs a week and drink shakes so I dont lose any strength. Tryin to get back down to 260. Great system so far..


He wasn't LOL


Guys guys, research is not necessary when you're jumping to conclusions and making hasty generalizations.


I apologize I was thinking of someone else and wrote the response quickly without double checking my answer.

Back to the OP:
So yeah go for it - great program!


I don't get it - looks like a very standard linear periodization "program" - it's not even a program, just loading parameters for the bench because there is nothing about accessories, secondary exercises, etc...just some descriptions. Nothing unorthodox there, as in, how is this any more idfferent than every other periodization schema? Maybe you were just really dedicated and everything was on point (diet / stress / sleep) for you to improve that much?

Regardless, that's a pretty solid progreess man - good for you! Keep at it.