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Matt K Trains with Johnnie Jackson


JJ and Matt Kroczaleski had a deadlift session over the weekend. Here is Matt K's log on EliteFTS.com.



Matt rowing a 300lb dumbbell



Johnnie doing board presses



That is cool shit, but I'm wondering if lifting with all the lights and camera's is a pain in teh ass.

I get nervous filming my lifts, even the one's I don't show anyone (99%). Fuck me sideways I had a Hollywood set going on around me trying to grind out some reps.


that's cool. having all those people around must have either been distracting or really motivating. i don't really see there being too much middle ground between the two.


When i used to workout out at powerhouse in Chatsworth, i used to see photo shoots all the time. They used to bring in these dummy plates and weights to make it look like they were lifting more than what it actually weighed. But this shoot with Matt and Johnnie... I'm pretty sure the camera man had to readjust the lighting and the fixtures every time they took a break cause of the weights hitting the ground. I can't wait to see that vid. I already know it's going to be super moto.


Yea, that's an old trick.

The plates were made of wood and spray painted black. The pix are usually black & whites.


I doubt that was the case though. Matt was helping JJ out for a push/pull competition against Ben White at the Olympia this year.

Can't wait for the vid. Pretty sure it's gonna be crazy!


I can't think of two guys I'd rather work out with.


One of the rare times in life you would be completely happy just being the plate bitch.


here you go.....




Bah, i thought it would be more training inspired. The editing was terrible.


Wow Awesome!


I have never seen a dumbbell that big before.


Sweet jesus, those DBs are enormous. I expected Kroc to be bigger than JJ


Man that was awesome stuff


Well JJ is a Olympia level bodybuilder :stuck_out_tongue:


lol @ the size of that dumbell, INSANE!


that dumbbell weighs 300lbs.

i don't know which was cooler, rowing the 300lber or JJ hitting the shrugs after his last deadlift rep.