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Matt Hughes Stats


I am sure I will be flamed for this haha.

Anyone know matt hughe's stats? I mean the older Matt from a couple years ago. He had a pretty solid build, similiar to what I plan on ending up with. I am around the same size as him.

I know he using a split but from what I can tell his build is pretty obtaniable through total body training.


Are you talking about the former UFC Welterweight champion? Or someone else?


What stats are you looking for?

The only stat that I care about is that he is 41-5.
That is amazing.

Keep in mind that he is a professional athlete and not a bodybuilder.


Yet it would seem he sucks as a coach, or at the very least can't pick decent fighters to save his life. He's 1-5 this season on the ultimate fighter. Anyone think he's going to walk through Serra when they fight?

Personally I think that it will be a great fight between the two and maybe Hughes will give some respect to Serra after the fight.


I'm assuming he means the UFC fighter. From his official site, so take it for what it is:
(PS - There's a spoiler about tonights TUF episode in the blog on the main page, but not on the page I linked to.)



Yep. I can see it going the distance. And I'm certainly not biased towards my NY bro Serra or anything. :wink:


What is the deal with the last 2 fights?

Your cousin died. You can only go home if you fight tomorrow.

Your wife is having a nervous breakdown. Listen to her rant on the phone. You have a fight tomorrow.


That guys wife was a DRAMA QUEEN! "I'm dying! I'm dying!" no you are just flipping out you crazy S.O.B! Haha I feel sorry for that guy, but that's what you get when you merry an 18yr old!

I'm thinking Dana kinda has to do it that way to be fair to everyone. Sucks for those guys though, you know their heads werent into it.


Next week he will tell one fighter his son was kidnapped by Michael Jackson.


Didnt he do a lot better in the Ultimate fighter season ... what was it, two? When he coached against rich franklin. I forget exactly how he did with the big men - although I know brad imes was a team hughes guy and he was in the final - but stevenson and cummo, the finalists were hughes guys, and so was sammy whatshisname, whom cummo beat in the semis. So there were at least 3 hughes guys in the semis (which wont happen here)

SPOILER ----------------------------

Plus hughes and barrera got robbed last night


Might be wrong, but I think Rashad Evans was on his team too. Matt couldn't stand his style, or him. Yes, Rashad did compete in heavyweight at around 220.


I don't know. I think it should have gone 3 rounds but Barrera was running away half the second. I know it is impossible to predict at this point but I think it would have just been more of the same in the 3rd. The cut Barrera had seemed to be effecting his vision and he was having a lot of trouble getting close enough to do any damage.


The first round was Barrera's. He may have lost in the third but he should have been given the chance.


Did they not score the first round 10-9 in favor for Barrera and the second round went 10-8 in favor of the other guy?

I am totally fine with a 10-8 second round because Barrera was running around the ring just trying to stay away. Not too mention he at first said he didn't want to continue the fight then a few secs later said he did. As soon as H. Dean asked "do you want to continue the fight" and Barrera said "no" and shook his head the fight should have been over. But then Dean asked the same question and Barerra starting running in circles and said yes.


He's 5'9 and walks around at 190 pounds. He said he has benched 300 pounds and squatted "around" 400. If that was what you were looking for....

Shame he used that bodybuilding workout split and long distance running, he could have been a contendor.


Actually, no I dont think they scored it that way.

If Barerra had lost it on a 10-8 second round, I would've rolled my eyes, but I could've accepted that. But my understanding from what hughes said was that 2 judges scored the first round for sanders. THAT is a crock.

Also, as far as "Herb Dean should've stopped the fight" come on, give me a break. It's the heat of the moment, barerra was giving Herb Dean a NEGATIVE command (ie, DO NOT stop this fight.) Dan knew exactly why dean called time on the fight, because of the cut. Is he really going to be listening to whether dean says "do you want to STOP the fight" or "do you want to CONTINUE the fight?"

Of course he's not, you cant say that barerra shouldve lost the fight because of his original answer to a question that got asked twice. that is technical nonsense and should never come into play in deciding a sporting event


Do you guys really think Barrera won that first round? IMO it was awful close.

I am far from being able to figure out how they score these things but aside from the knockdown, I don't think Barrera did enough to decisively win that round. He had a golden opportunity to allow him back up fast and capitalize on the damage but instead was obviously (and rightfully so) afraid of the upkick and just pranced around indecisively despite Hughes screaming at him.

In fact, I thought the fight was over.


BWAHAHAHAHAHA, +1 for Donut. Hughes obviously trains with that poor, misguided soul who trains walter jones. oh, the humanity!!!

APW, yes, I believe barerra won the first round hands down. Sanders was winning the first 2 min, or however long it was before barerra knocked him down, but a knockdown, in my opinion, overrides sanders' superior accuracy. He was landing a ton of shots, but did they affect barerra? I wont say they didnt affect him at ALL, but they didnt affect him in any way that I could see. I believe the fight should've gone to a 3rd round, but I do believe barerra won the first hands down

also, I had a thought after the bisping-hamill fight. while this fight wasn't as big a pile of excrement as that was, I did start a thread to see if a discussion gets going



Hmmm. I'm gonna head home and watch it again over lunch. Interesting that White had as strong of words as he did and gave them both $5K.

Relative to how he ran his mouth, I wasn't impressed with Barrera at all. In the second, his attempts to close the gap looked like a spazzy grade schooler trying to beat up his big brother. He just kind of ran in with his head down and arms flailint. A more experienced fighter would have absolutely destroyed him when he tried that.


I did think the first round was very close; I gave it to Saunders 10-9. I didn't think Barerra did enough to win the round. I'm sorry, but a 1-punch knockdown doesn't automatically give you the round, especially when your opponent had been landing quality shots for most of the same round.

Plus, he was getting lit up by Saunders in the second round. Even if it went a third round, Barerra had nothing going for him and likely would've lost anyway.