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Matt Hamill Retires


he retired today. thoughts?

i liked him, and he was game. although i thought he could've done better in terms of a ground

game, and he always pressed forward. i'll miss him and more so he's like me as well and

i'm deaf with a cochlear implant. he got a movie about him comming out later this year.



One of the few fights who knew when to walk away, i respect him for that and for all that he achieved despite his deficiencies


Not bad timing. I don't see him improving past where he's at, but honestly to me, where he's at is way further than I thought he'd go.

I consider him a bit of an overachiever. Will remember him for the Bisping fight.


Bad, bad BS decision on that fight, Bisping is always protected. I'm happy Rashad whooped his ass out of LHW


yeah i thought he was robbed in that fight with bisping, and not only that bisping was a douche
after the fight, while hamil accepted the outcome and gave praises to bisping.


Always liked Hamill. And yeah, like everyone else, I thought he won that fight against bisping.

One of the best skills a person can have is knowing when the party is over. Good for him and best of luck to his next career.


What a shame. I liked him. But if he thinks this is the right decision to make, well good luck to him.


Matt Hamill lives in my area and I've met him twice. He is such a great guy. Both times were at local powerlifting meets, where he signed autographs, gave away stuff, and sold t-shirts. He has frequented high school wrestling tournaments in the area and is just really down to earth. I have been told by some of my high school students that if you go to his gym, he'll hit the mat with you. A lot of guys don't put themselves out there out of fear of being beaten or worse, injured by know nothings.