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Matt Furey


Well this is interesting.

Seems ole' Matt understands that "resistance" builds muscle. The next logical question for Matt is: why then do you attack the use of Barbells and dumbbells?

Any thoughts from the "Furey faithful?"


Did he come up with some new groundbreaking idea (that can be mine for the price of $69.95) about handstand pushups (again)?


I just noticed on his site that he advocates the use of "bands." He is shown doing "Hindu Squats" with bands for resistance.


Keep in mind that Furey started out training grapplers - so his stuff was based pretty much around that. To be sure, I did find that his stuff was very helpful when I started grappling.

Of course, I've since found that a smart free weight program is far superior.

Keep in mind that a lot of his audience was/is the type that's looking for the next big thing, the secret that people have managed to not catch through all their other research, so if everyone's doing weights and you want to set yourself apart...tell everyone weights are evil.

It's really that simple.

Now that he's peddling Sexual Kung Fu, is it really worth talking about him anymore?


Sexual Kun Fu?

You've got to be kidding!



I'm not a member of the "Furey Faithful", but I've read a lot of his marketing blurb, so I'll take a stab at it.

His justification seems to be that many popular barbell/dumbbell movements (he uses bench presses as an example a lot) tend to cause injury. He reckons these are "unnatural movements". He also asserts that BB's & DB's are OK as long as you also do bodyweight exercises. Exactly how BW exercises will injury-proof you when doing bench presses, I don't know.

He even admits that his totally anti-'bell stance is largely to differentiate himself from others. Still, I think that BW and gymnastic type exercises can be a useful tool in the BBer's toolbox.

In regards to the "sexual kung fu" business, the Chinese have long believed that certain sexual practices can improve the flow of "Chi" through the body. A good book on this subject is "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia.


Now that he's peddling sexual Kung Fu, he's finally worthy of being talked about...

But seriously, what are the forms like?



They also believe tiger penis improvs your sexual chi. Because the Chinese believe something is not exactly an edorsement of its scientific validity.

Considering that there is no such thing as "chi" to begin with, you can't really improve its flow.

Nothing by Mantak Chia is good.

Here is an example from his website:


Biggest bunch of bullshit ever. Stimulating stem cells with vibrating bamboo wires? WTF? Maniupulating dark matter? You can't just go around mixing modern science and fantasy unless you're going to actually promote it as science fiction (which he is not).

Matt Furey cannot hold a candle to the quackery that is Mantak Chia.

Taoism, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with any of this shit that Chia promotes. It was a purely philosophical movement. For instance, Christianity is influenced to some degree by ancient Greek philosophers (say Plato). But Christianity does not call itself Platonism, because it isn't. Chia's brand of fairy tales bares no resemblence at all to anything attributed to Lao Tzu or Chuang Tzu (both of whom would probably have beaten that douche Chia upside the head with a rock).

In fact, check out his bio to see more examples of his utter bullshit:


Learned Aikido and Kundalini in Hong Kong? Except that that Chinese hate the Japanese and the Japanese hate the Chinese, and so I have a very hard time believing there was an aikido school in Hong Kong in the 50s, much less that they'd take Chinese students, or that Chinese students would take aikido over Pa Kua, Tai Chi, or one of the many other "soft" Chinese styles. Ditto for Kundalini yoga. There are plenty of native Chinese chi kung systems that basically have all the same shit as yoga. He put in the Aikido and Kundalini because they sound cool.

Then he studied with the "White Cloud Hermit". Pai Mei huh? So he became an enlightened Kill Bill assassin in the mountains or something. White Cloud Hermit my ass. The best, of course, is that the hermits teachings couldn't be understood by the silly white man. Nice condescension there asshole.

Cultish stupidity. But yeah, but don't let that stop you from giving his books props here in T-land.


Furey is fucktard. Really, he says weights build non-functional, unnatural muscle, and bodyweight builds real muscle. He does know how to make money though.


Yea, but what about Furey?


Kinda kills any credibility you have to talk about Tai Chi and yoga in an energetic sense or the possibility of manta Chia's stuff being valid. There is valid...energetic stuff that can be done with sex. I've alway's had Chia's books on my list as something to check out, though I can't obvously vouch for it.


Furey disses weights because everyone writes about weights but not many write about how bodyweight is 600% better at building function tension, and 853 1/2% safer and how dudes he admires did it so it's gotta be awesome. It's marketing. He also sells get rich quick on the internet programs. And I don't see how putting your joints through thousands of reps a day is going to not set you up for worse osteoarthritis if you are predisposed to it anyway, but I bet he would swear it heals any arthritis evil weightlifting causes and ninjas never get arthritis so there. The real question is what ever happened to Brooks Kubick's bodyweight shit. Anyone fork over the dough?


Good question.

What did that book sell for? 200 bucks?


Actually, ninjas did(still do) weight train :wink:

There are stories of a certain youngster slinging a pole across his back with 2 LARGE buckets filled with water taken back uphill to the village. Discovered it made his legs stronger, decided to up the ante to 4 buckets to increase his strength further.

Standing in low postures with logs across the thighs and arms to make it harder.

Sounds like weight training to me.


I think Matt is over hyped and dont know about his sexual kung fu, but I dont agree that sexual kung fu is worthless.Western doctors teach both men and women how to do Kegal exercise that strengthen the P.C muscles which in a male increases blood flow and give you a harder erection.

There are many differnt execises in both the Taoist and Buddist Martial arts systems, that are unfortunately coched in obscure mystical terminoligy, but then someone who is not into bodybuilding probably has no idea what we are talking about when we talk about sets, reps,prohormones and SHOE :slight_smile:

As for Chi is it a real scientificly proven phenomenen? no but then neither is that spark we call life or a soul.

Doe's all that sexual kung fu work? all I know is that I work hard all day and play hard all night and all my ladie freind are more than satisfied.
I am not saying Matts sexual kung fu is good or bad but if you dont give something a try you will never know, but it is overpriced and there is sexual kung fu info availble at lower price.
The Mantak Chia stuff is authentic but you need a road map to be able to use that stuff.
Now I must go practice with some white tigress mistress :slight_smile:


sexual kung fu...


in the official Bruce Lee history book, BL invented dragon style flying penis sexual kung fu...he could make any woman orgasm instantly with a 'mystical two inch punch' to the groin...

matt furey only wishes he had that kind of power...