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Matt Furey vs. Karl Gotch

Apparently there is a website posting a letter from Karl Gotch explaining the true nature of his relationship with Matt Furey, if real the letter is a big piece of proof that Matt is as full of shit as we thought his is.

If you want the link I can PM it to you.
Its about time this money hunger scam artist is exposed for what he is. A liar.

Agressive marketing is one thing…lying is quite another.

PM Me. i’m Definatly interested.



Me too.

That’s old news!

It’s also been talked about before on the forum! That rumor has been circulationg forever.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
Me too. [/quote]

Me three.

Me four!

PM it to me, please. I would be very interested. Thanks!

Thanks Jersey5150, please send it to me too.

Geek boy

Me FIVE! lol
No seriosuly, Matt Furey I did that thing where you subscribe or whatever and like he sends you free emails and all…and he sent me like 234234 emails a day, most of them sucked ass and I was actually thinking of buying his books once, but then i was like mmmm F**K that, and bought science and practice of strength training lol, and many other books that are obviosuly 1000x better

dl- You suck Matt Furey

Sign me up as number 6.

hey could i grab that address also?

When you can, kindly toss me that PM too, my New York bro with another state’s name in his name. Thanks.

ME too

send me that too.

I have 2 of his books.

the thing most people dont realize about him, is matt was in his prime BEFORE he started that whole calistenic bodyweight thing.

PM me with that address too please.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
That’s old news!

It’s also been talked about before on the forum! That rumor has been circulationg forever.[/quote]

The Gotch Letter is Dated July 05…I agree Fureys old news but this letter is not.

One of my vices is comic books, and Matt Furey was pretty much an unknown to me until the past two weeks, when I see his full-page ad in every Marvel comic. Fine print, tons of it, and poorly drawn cartoons. Reminded me of something from the old Charles Atlas ad days; at first I was looking for the punchline, then realized it was for real.


Please PM the link to me.


I’d like to see the link…thanks

PM me too, please. I’d like to get to know the truth of that.