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Matt Cassel to the Chiefs


Matt Cassel + Mike Vrabel to the disgusting KC Chiefs for a whopping 2nd round pick.

I'm sorry, wasn't a franchise tag supposed to net you a great trade?

The Bucs gave 2 picks to the Browns for Kellen Winslow who doesn't really play too much. Cassel and Vrabel just got slapped in the face IMO.


I would take a first round pick for the 2, that's the minimum IMO.

In other news, who wants to bet if Haynesworth lives up to his $100 million contract?

Also, S Dawkins of Philly went to the Broncos. Sad, he was the Eagles.


smh. Vrabel is so awesome


Also - Lito Sheppard (sp?) to the Jets.

There goes that Philly D we've all been accustomed to the last few years.


if team A franchises a guy and team B outbids team A, and the player accepts the offer, doesn't team B owe TWO 1rst round picks to team A?

if that is the written rule, then why on earth would the Pats make this trade??? It almost seems like they were desperate to lose both Cassel and Vrabel...and Scott Pioli happy to be reuniting with them!


All I know is Pioli got a steal of a deal.


i couldve sworn they kept asante samuel and trent cole


Lito wasn't playing most of last year anyway. Dawkins is getting "long in the tooth", but I think there is still a lot left in the tank. Sad day for the Birds.


Haynesworth will go down with a preseason injury or just suck.

The Skins make bonehead moves all the time, why should this be any different.


Wow. Vrabel's old, but Cassel? Surprising.


Dawkins is a Bronco!


Yeah, the Chiefs suck-- but I am a fan, so I am happy. Not so sure how much Vrabel has left in the tank- but clearly he was added as much for his leadership as for his skills.

And as secretive as Pioli and Haley have been since they were hired, I am guessing a lot more than just the 2nd round pick went to the Patriots. There's gotta be more to the story...


Spoken like a true Skins fan. (No Sarcasim)


you feel my pain. How bad did Jason Taylor suck this year


At least we finally signed a corner who can catch a football.


hey, rogers caught one! lol, god he sucks


This is a pretty decent hijack.


How about that Deon Sanders signing?

"boy she was a big one wasnt she?"

Bruce Smith...

Holy smit


Im surprised it was only a second round pick...I think it might have just been they really didnt want to pay for Matt AND Brady, so they just wanted to get rid of him.. but damn only a second rounder?


Depends how you look at it. Bear in mind the huge money teams have to pay top ten picks now, which is probably going to lead to action from the commissioner/owners when the CBA comes up in two (?) years. I think the third pick in the draft (Chiefs first rounder) is looking at something like $30 million guaranteed. The Pats might well prefer a very good player who just slipped out of the first round, for a fraction of the price. Strange but true.

And I love Mike Vrabel, but the LB corps needs to get younger and faster in a big way. His sacks also dropped way off last year.


Why do the top picks HAVE to be paid so much?