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Matsm21, Lay it on Me


at 310, and a very low percenttage of bf, you are a big, and strong ass mother fucker. I would be interested in knowing your lifting routine and nutrition, as well as how long it took for you to get to where you are today, like what weight you started at and what has helped you most.


Are we talking about Ronnnie Coleman or Gunter Schlierkamp? I doubt any poster here is at 310lbs and less than 10% bf.


I'm 150 lbs;no love


You're a fucking idiot, go the fuck away dipshit.



"310 and ~14%"

Still impressive, yet still unimpressive that you can't read.


Actually, dumbass, maybe you should learn to read since I never said he had a bf percentage less than 10%, that dumbass did. And 14% bf at 310 is amazing.


The title of this thread sounds kind of fruity. Just sayin.


It is impressive, however, he is also 6 foot 7. The dude is a fucking Sasquatch.


someone with a brain, thank god.

That's why I wanna see what his routine is all about, I mean shit, anyone whose nutrition philosophy is eat everything you can and clean up your diet later is good in my book.


This coming from a guy with a cat for an avatar?


Lol, nice edit, tough guy.


don't think i missed the part where you said my mother should get cancer, it is sacks of shit like you that make the forums suck so much dick, I get attacked from an immature shit like you and 4 other people, for, who lets face, are either over weight, small as shit, or weak as fuck, for asking one of the elites on this site how they lift.


Agreed man. I'd say its best to just ignore them....let the haters hate, its what they do. "If there's any haters in here right now that don't have nobody to hate on, feel free to hate on me" - Katt Williams.

On topic: I'm also interested to see how he trains.


Ya, I thought you where just calling him out at first JD, but he's not some mystery figure behind the keyboard.

Sasquatch is a fair assessment. Interested as well.



Well played :slight_smile:


Paul Brill fan?


man, I didn't think I posted enough to get my own thread...thanks

when I started training I was 207 lbs. I did a basic bodypart split...chest/tri's, back bi's, legs, and shoulders. I kept this up for about 4 years. this whole time I was playing college basketball, so I was pretty much only gaining weight in the offseason and maintaining in season. This took me up to about 250 lbs, though I prematurely cut to a lean 238.

I cant give you an exact BF, but it was pretty low. When I did this, however, I realized that even though I was lean and stronger then most people, with a tee shirt on I didn't look like I lifted weights.

About 3 years ago I realized that due to my height, unless I weighed in at like a lean 390 lbs, I would never look like a bodybuilder, proportionately speaking. I decided to train for strength, and just get my lifts up, so I could be a strong MF'er. I trained off the basic westside template for 2 years and ate like a complete savage. I had never eaten with such disregard before and got up to about 285 in those two years.

this past year I switched my training to ME bench, DE bench, squat, and deads, for 4 total days of training. Set up for powerlifting, and I just add more volume with the accessory work to keep gaining weight.

As far as nutrition goes, I'm no guru. Naturally I am very skinny. I pretty much eat regular food that everyone else eats, though 4 times a day and I make sure to get a meat in with any meal. If I want to lean out a little I add some cardio and cut out BS snacks like poptarts and cookies.
Jeez, Longest post ever, sorry bout that




Please enlighten me in what you call a "low level of body fat". Because to me 14% isn't low. And just because the guy is huge(which he most definitely is) doesn't mean that what he does will work for you. Please carry on calling me names, that's helpful. -_-


cool thread