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Has anyone heard of the matrix workout not the movie a book using varying sets does anyone know the name of the book or have input on it?

The local library has both (well 2 anyway) books The Matrix Principle and a second one Beyond the Matrix Principle (or similar title) both by Ron Laura (sp?) have had a quick flick thru them and they look quite involved. Have never really looked that hard at it tho. I get put off by a program that plans out the whole year, that is a long time to ‘give something a go’. Sorry can’t be more help but that is a start.

dont waste your money or time. book advocates high rep sets of around 30 reps per set for around 3 to 5 sets. they came up with a variety of sets each one requires you to do partials in a certain range or pause at certian angles. there is NO science behind these theories.!