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Matrix Workout


I was up in the weight room last night and one of my buddies was telling me about this workout called the Matrix. He said you do something like 5 reps full 5 half and 5 full again. I dont really know but I thought id ask does anyone know what it really is? Explain it out.


I've never heard of the matrix, but there is a popular technique called 21's.

For curls, (i use a cable) Its 7 bottom end curls, 7 full ROM curls and 7 top end curls. (i think in that order)...

Anyway, i have used that technique as a finisher or a final set on several exercises besides biceps.

Leg ext/curl
side/front/rear laterals

be creative. This technique would best be utilized within a hypertrophy based program/week/day whatever.

Just another technique for your bag.


Consists of a couple of books released 10ish years ago and features a very young lee priest - basically lots of different variations on full/half/quarter reps and time under tension if i remember rightly.
Might be on amazon.


Australian system. IIRC, used to be proud of how it could build strength athletes without using steroids. Ironic that it featured Lee Priest in the photos.

And yeah, it's basically 21's... over and over and over again, for all bodyparts. Different rep schemes, but the same principle. Brutal stuff.


yeah thats pretty much it i have a book its about holding weight at different angles of a move partials 21's but obviously with diff numbers and gear never tried it cause it looked silly


I remember finding one of the books at York University when I was visiting my girlfriend a dozen or more years ago. I took note on some of the workouts listed, and gave them a try later. Brutal stuff.

If nothing else, I think it could really shake someone's normal routine up enough to help them blast through a plateau.


It's a book called the Matrix Principals that like Northcott says, uses a bunch of full reps and half reps. It also says things like only workout after you have been fasted for 6 hours.

Some of the techniques are good, some of it is bad.