Matrix: Revolutions Trailer

Here it is:

Looks more promising than the piss of crap, “Reload”. Let’s hope the movie holds up as well.

*Note: LoTR: Return of the King trailer will hit theaters THIS Monday.
I’ve just seen tidbits. Oh.My.God.

Yeah - The theatrical trailer is pretty tantalizing. Although I really liked Reloaded. Oh well. I hear Revolutions is being released on IMAX on the regular release date, imagaine that, Revolutions on an 8 story screen !

There is a trailer for LOTR 3 on part 2’s DVD, but Im not sure if its the same one. It looks badass nonetheless.
There’s nothing like some good old medieval gory war scenes to accomodate a great storyline.


Jack: the new Return of the King trailer is quite different than what is available in the The Two Towers DVD.

There’s some awesome shots of four Ringwraiths swooping down into the midst of battle occuring in the Pelenor Fields. Legolas getting set to kick Oliphant ass during the same battle. Narsil being reforged, Shelob…and so on.

Breathtaking scenes. Just no way to describe it.

December can’t get here fast enough.

Best Revolutions trailer so far. It gives the impression that things will make sense. But, what the hell, I`m thru finding explanations before I see the film. Ehehehe.

"Looks more promising than the piss of crap, “Reload”

just because the movie was beyond you it’s crap?lol

I second that mdog. The Architect scene ALONE was worth the ticket price. It got my mind spinning for answers for a couple of days after, which is not too often with what comes out of Hollywood nowadays. Luckily, gems still exist. =0)

Is this the trailer titled “Control” that ran on TV Thursday night? It was surely a different slice of the story than we’ve seen before.

I maintain that I liked Reloaded…especially in IMAX.

That Revolutions trailer was pretty sweet, wasn’t it?

I’m holding off judgment on Reloaded until I see the third one. On its own, Reloaded’s a bunch of nice special effects with a weak and barely comprehensible plot, but it was also designed as the first half of a story. I need the rest of the story before I make an opinion.

And if nothing else, the special effects are pretty sweet.

the first matrix was one of the best movies of the 90’s. the second was put out to make money and capitalize on the firsts popularity.i thought it was one of the most overhyped pieces of shit of ALL TIME. a very dissapointing movie, i’m angry as im typing. but i’ll shell the 8 bones to see the third so im hopin its at least half the movie the first was, which would still make it twice as good as the 2nd.

danC agreed 100%

jimmc i saw it 3 times on imax. not the same on reg screen.

i would recomend seeing the animatrix before the third one.really made the first 2 movies make a lot of sense. especially the second.

whiteflash save your money! the third one will be so far over head it won’t be worth it for you.

OK where can you find the LOTR trailer on line they said starting monday it will be online but when u go to the LOTR website it isonly for the game

I think I just "un"loaded all over myself watching that.

“unloaded” in a good way, Landon?

I would have to agree that reloaded didn’t compare to the first one.

Many of the fight scenes didn’t seem to be have much purpose.

I thought the scene where morpheus did the speech right before the rave seemed very out of character.

It also really didn’t feel like there was much more character development. It was like ok lest show 15 minutes of fights… some talking in between… more fights.

I think you could have cut the movie to a third its length and still showed all the actual storyline it had to offer.

Just saw Reloaded in IMAX yesterday—holy shit!!! I think I’ll skip Revolutions in the regular theater and hit the IMAX instead. The IMAX doesn’t have very many seats though so I figure it’ll be sold out for the first three months. It’s worth the wait though.

I hope all the people who thought Reload was a piece of crap aren’t at the theatres when Revolutions comes out, so I don’t have to worry about tickets being sold out when I go to see it.

Anyone know of a resource I can use to find out if there are any IMAX places around here? I’ve never really heard of it, until a few months ago.

are you sayin over my head? i understood it, i just didnt like it. they turned it into a really long, fluffy music video. it was just a really crappy movie, and anyone who liked it did so cause they’re “supposed” to, not cause it was worth liking. but i have heard the animatrix is pretty cool. the video game was supposed to be “the greatest game ever” and it really sucks too. the whole franchise went from really original and eye-opening to really shallow and marketing-hype driven. but i’ll still see the 3rd

Yes Jim, in a good way indeed.


well i don’t campare the second to the first or the first to the third. it’s meant to be one long story but who wants to sit in the same seat for 7+ hours at a time? the quality of cgi blew away the first and imo set a new bench mark. i also thought the quality of Gollum in LOTR was outstanding.

trailer worked here.

I just began a ROTK: New Trailer thread. It’s now in it’s full Quicktime glory.

And man, it looks soooo good.