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Matrix: Revolutions Trailer


NOW online:


Enjoy. :-))


Downloading right now!!! Arrrrggghhh. So is Ray Park not doing Ironfist or what? Waaaaaaaaa. :frowning:


Sweeeet!!! Seraph is back!!! Love the power suits!!! :wink:


Is it the same trailer you see after beating "Enter the Matrix"?


Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!


Far better than the one at the end of Reloaded. =0)


Just saw the trailer. Im so excited that you could cut glass with my nipples.


Let's hope the movie stands up to the trailer.

The last one did not.


Trailer = Teaser. Who cares if the trailer eats dirt if the film kicks ass?

I prefer having low expectations from a trailer and getting pleasantly suprised than the reverse.

For now, Revolutions focuses too much on action, which means most probably shitty storyline (which I do not hope, the Architect surprise at then end of Reloaded was a real brainy surprise)...

Oh well, we'll see.


I can't tell the difference between this one and the one that ran at the end of Reloaded...at least the IMAX version. I know the VO is the same.