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Matrix Reloaded

Oh yea!!! It’s Count down time! 3 more days. How, many of us are going to line up the night before the show?

Already got tickets for 2 showings that night! Muwahahahaha!!!

You have to be insane to wait online for tickets, bro. That’s what the internet is for! Being an uber-nerd, I already have to a 10pm showing on wednesday, the 14th. That’s right.

Screw that, I’m going to the midnight showing on Wednesday.

I’ve had our tickets for awhile now. And now am rather regretting it. Been reading some reviews that have not been completely favorable.

IMO, a sequel should be the knockout punch. It should be a fuckin’ home run. Kinda like X2. And I don’t think the Waschowski’s have done it with Reloaded.

Won’t make it that night but I can’t wait to see it. I hear the third matrix comes out in november. Sweet

Yeah, I hear ya. I went on rottentomatoes.com and for the most part, it has gotten some bad reviews. But, the way I see it…it will still kick ass. I got my tickets for Friday at 7PM!!!