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Matrix, Hellblazer (movie), etc.

Go here to read the transcript of Neo and The Architect’s conversation and count for yourself how many times the word, “Ergo” was mentioned…www.theantitrust.net/articles/viewarticle.php?articleid=108

And Marcus Chong (Tank in the first Matrix) has filed a lawsuit. Check out the details here:

MTV recently talked with Keanu Reeves about Hellblazer and he as Constantine. Read it here:

Also: In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger stated that he still has a “Terminator 4” in him. Uh huh. Really.

There is talks of another “Hannibal” movie. Uh huh. Really.

Currently in production: Starship Troopers 2.
You know, it’s good to see H-Town in such a creative upswing (that was sarcasm, BTW).