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Maťo's Training Log

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Martin and I am 30 years old.

I was 15 year old, when I first entered in to the gym. Trainings were not consistently, there were days on and day off. Back then I could not bench over 40 kg, squats only with empty bar, dips and pull-ups make me sick, because I could not even do one rep. My diet was very bad too, I made some dirty bulk, didn’t track calories and didn’t get enough protein + eat a lot of junk. I weighed 60 kg when I started, due to my shitty bulking I went on 88 kg on high school. I was weak, fat and out of shape.

My lifts during bulk were: S/B/D - 80kg/ 55 kg/ 100 kg

Fast forward and I am 30 year old. I am training again since august 2021, when they opened gym after government COVID restrictions. I tried some PR in august, the numbers were:
Front Squat – 1 RM - 60 kg
Bench press – 3 RM – 60 kg
Deadlift – 1 RM – 110 kg
Overhead press – 1 RM – 40 kg

My typical week consists of 3 days lifting and 2-3 day of conditioning.
I am training with my buddy from high school. We are doing fullbody training divided into A and B day.
A day – front squat and benchpress + assistance (pull-ups / barbell rows, lower body work, abs work, triceps)
B day – trap bar deadlift and overhead press + assistance (pull-ups / barbell rows, lower back work, abs work, biceps)
My goals are simple - get leaner and stronger

I was training until 26.12.2021,then I get sick. My noose was full of mucus, headache and sore throat were present at that time too. Both covid tests were negative. So I had to take a break from lifting and conditioning for while…

5.1.2022 - first training in this year
Front Squat - 45 kg - 5 x 5
Bench press - 55 kg - 5 x 5
Pullups - BW - 10, 6, 6, 5, 3
DB Goblet Squat - 15 kg - 3 x 15
Hanging Leg Raises - BW - 3 x 15

When we loaded bar for front squats, I had higher expectations. We stoped at 45 kg for today session. Bench press felt pretty good.

How many calories I eat today?
Total: 1800 kcal Protein: 130 g, Carbs: 150 g, Fats 80 g


6.1. 2022

I did some running today

Distance: 2,3 km
Time: 14:34 minutes

Time isn’t optimal because it’s freezing here and there are icy sidewalks and roadwas. But the work is done.

Calories intake: 1600 kcal. P: 130g, C: 150 g, F: 56g

If you don’t mind me asking, what country are you from? Your username is a word in a language I’m learning so I’m just curious.

No problem mate. I am from Slovakia Republic. It’s a small country in the middle of Europe. Maťo is abbreviation from Martin. I would like to use Martin, but it’s already taken.

What language are you learning ?

I am learning Lakota. It’s a Native American language mostly spoken in the upper Great Plains of the U.S.

Probably mostly in the state of South Dakota if you’re familiar with the states.

I figured you were from Europe, but I just wondered. The use of apostrophes ( ‘ ) in the middle of words isn’t something I feel like I’ve seen in the “common” languages, like English, French, Spanish, etc.

I searched for some info about Lakota language on google and there is arcticle on wikipedia. Lakota letters use č, š, ť, ž same like we do in baltic-slavic, slavic, finnic languages. It’s very interesting.

Also I searched meaning Mato in other languages. According to the google, Mato is the word for bear in Lakota (e.g. Mato Yamni, Mato Sapa, Mato Wakantuya…). Is it true ?

I wasn’t familiar with US states, but now I do :slight_smile:

Do you call it apostrophes in US? I thought that was caron.

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It is interesting! Languages are very cool. Learning Lakota has been tough. The sounds are very unlike English, or German or Spanish, which are the only other languages I have any knowledge of. I’ve always wondered if there are any other languages in the world that Native American languages share roots with, but I doubt it. Sometimes you find interesting comparisons to make though.

Yes, mato (or sometimes written mathó) means bear. It’s a somewhat common name to have, at least where I live. This is the best online dictionary I’ve found, but it doesn’t translate more than one word at a time: NLD Online v.5

Yeah, these ’ are apostrophes. I thought a caron was the mark over letters like č, š, ž…I should probably know my own grammar better though, haha.

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Today was a rest day. I was on trip to the High Tatras Mountains with my girlfriend. We took cable car to the second highest peak of the High Tatras - Lomnicky peak - 2634m above sea level. It was very beatiful view from there. My hands were frozen. My smartphone almost fell out of my hands :smiley:


It’s definitely true about languages. There are unique tools. How long have you been studying Lakota language ?

Do you speak German and Spanish too ?

Thanks for the explanation. I will check this dictionary you have found.

My mistake. I meant mark over the letters š,ť,č not apostrophe '. You know your grammer better than me, my english is not good

Only a few months. I am Lakota, so I knew a couple words growing up (family terms, numbers, stuff like that), but most of my grandparents died before I was born so I didn’t hear it in the home like some others do. I just took a beginners course on the language this semester in college. I would like to become fluent in it, and maybe teach it to others someday, so I’ll continue learning it. It’s a little tough - it’s not a common langauge so there’s not as many resources to use to learn it like Spanish, Chinese, etc.

I took two years of Spanish in high school. Now it’s been…six years since I studied it so I’ve forgotten most of it. And I know some German. I lived in Germany for a few years, but I went to an American school, and was mostly around other Americans, so I didn’t become fluent. And now it’s been ten years since I lived there so I’ve forgotten most of that too.

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I keep my fingers crossed for you. It will be easy for you, if you have access to native speakers in process of learning language. Can you attend more course in next semester ?

I see some similarities between me and you. I studied German and English in high school, but I didn’t become fluent, because I didn’t use languages. I had part-time job in Germany during college summer break, but I was mostly around colleagues from Slovakia. I know some basic words from German, but not many as in English. I understand more from English than German.


B - Day
Trap bar deadlfit - 96 kg - 5 x 5
Overhead press - 35 kg - 5 x 5
Pullups - 8, 8, 6, 6, 6,
Hyperextension - BW - 3 x 15
Hanging leg rasises - BW - 3 x 12

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That’s beautiful, I’ve been to Slovakia quite a few times for work so never got chance to see much apart from Bratislava and driving to Nitra. Never went in deep winter but spent most of February and March a couple of years ago but it didn’t snow once!

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oh I wish you had more time to explore Slovakia and took the trip to the mountains. Nitra and Bratislava don’t have snow during Winter, and If there are snow, it will last only few days. Many drivers use summer variants of tyres even during winter in Bratislava. Then you hear in radio, that there are problem with traffic jam in our capital city.

My hometown is about 90 km far from Nitra. The snow fell last time on 24 th december and it lasted about 6 days. We had more winters with snow during past.

    1. 2022
      Day A
      Front Squat - 45 kg - 5 x 5
      Benchpress - 57,5 kg - 1 x 5, 1 x 3, then 52,5 kg - 5 x 5
      Pullups - BW - 8, 6 , 6, 5, 4
      Bulgarian split squat - 6 kg - 3 x 10 on each leg
      Dips - BW - 3 x 10

I felt weak today during whole workout. I started with empty bar on front squat and I was sweaty as hell. I added 10 kg plate on each side , then I added 5 kg plate on each side. My first thought was: Oh It’s heavy like 100 kg on deadlift. But I finished squat seasson with 45 kg.

After the squats we moved on benchpress. My buddy wanted to start with 15 kg plate on each side and then add 5 kg on each side. I refused because I wanted to be more prepared after those shitty squats. After warmup I tried 58 kg on benchpress, but after second set I had to lower weight to 52 kg.

Others exercises went well.

Calories intake: 1850 kcal … P: 157g, C: 186 g F: 45 g

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B - day
Trap bar deadlift - 106 kg - 5 x 5
Military press - 37,5 kg - 5,3,2,3,2,2,2, 0,
Pullups - BW - 7, 7, 7, 6, 7
then I moved on military press again
Millitary press - 37,5 kg - 4, 2
Romanian deadlift - 40 kg - 4 x 10
Hyperxtension with plate behind head - 5 kg - 3 x 8
Hanging leg raises - BW - 3 x 12

Military press didn’t do well, but I didn’t want give up and lower the weights. Next workout I will stay on this weight until I do five sets for five reps with this weight.

Calories Intake: 1700 kcal , P: 165, C: 160, T: 40

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I think you need to not worry about your ego and get the 5x5 in at a lower weight and progress from there. You also seem to have done a load of volume on this.

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Thanks for the helpful advice.

I will lower weight on a Military press and start again from 30 kg on next week. Same thing I will apply on benchpress. I will lower weight on 50 kg for friday workout and progress from there .

I will try add 2.5 kg on the bar weekly. I will take three steps back and lower the weight, If I failed on 5x5 again.

No problem, set yourself a rep range target I.e 5-7 and once you get the 5x7 move up a weight to ensure progression

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A - Day
Front squat - 45 kg - 5 x 7
Bench press - 50 kg - 5 x 7
Barbell rows - 47,5 kg - 5 x 5
DB Bulgarian split squats - 8 kg - 3 x 12
Dips - BW - 2 x 12, 1 x 9
EZ Curls - 25 kg - 3 x 10

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