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Maths of Nutrition?

Hi All,

Some time ago im pretty sure I read an article (I think by Berardi) that discussed the maths behind a good diet (calories). I have changed my diet and things are going great, but I would like to know exact numbers on what im eating. I am trying to lose fat, so how many calories should I consume daily?, and how much of that is fat / carbs / protein? I ask because after lots of searching, I cannot find it!

Any equations / numbers will help.


Here is a good calculator to get a baseline of how much to eat (although if you are already having success why mess with it?): http://www.johnberardi.com/calc.htm

In terms of macronutrients, a gram of carbs has 4 kcal, protein 4 kcal and fat 9 kcal.

These articles should help out alot. From Dr. John Berardi:
Tailor-Made Nutrition Part 1:

Tailor-Made Nutrition Part 2:

Tailor-Made Nutrition Part 3:

These articles should basically cover most things about nutrition. Berardi knows his Sh*t.


Yeah good information here… i have found no one that know nutrition like Berardi.

Umm why mess with it? im not going to drastically, but there are some changes that I can make to make my diet a bit more “stable” I have just been avoiding bad foods, but now I want to start getting into an eating pattern. If you do something why not do it right from the start.