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Math Question


I know that this a completely random question, but it has been bothering me. I asked my pre-calc teacher about this two years ago, but no definite answer. So, for all the math nerds out there, here is my quarry:

If x^0 = 1, and 0^x = 0, what would 0^0 equal? Although it is quite random, it has been bugging me. I think about math problems a lot when I am bored. I have had people tell me that it equals one, but I am skeptical.




Yeah, 1.


it's 1, anything, no matter the number, raised to zero, is one


i don't think its one, it undefined. heres why
0^0 = 0 * log(0)
since log of 0 is an asymptote, you can't possibly know what 0^0 is. i might be wrong but w/e

I dunno why I took the log, thats not equal to each other... i should quit college right now


But it is debatable.


I have to disagree, I've always thought 0 was not a number.


Asymptote, interesting.

I still think there's some rule that precludes it to be anything but one.


I'll say 0, because we just can't have exponents wielding that kind of power


This is why this has confused me for some time.


Your pre-calc teacher was right.


I've checked it with all that reside in the dark. We agree that 1 is the answer


OP, your avatar is perfect for this post...



Dr. Math is generally a decent reference to go to when these questions pop in your head.


Huh? You sure you're not thinking about it being positive/negative? Cause zero is definitely a number...and I thought all Asians were good at math! :slight_smile:


I don't get it....

x * 0 = 0 right????

0 * 0 = 0??

Never took calculus, but am ok with math can someone please explain it??


0 to the power of 0


0 multiplied by 0


0^x = 0 would imply x is equal to infinity wouldn't it?


There is no answer, just the same with diving with zero, there is no actual solution and it's not allowed.


No, it would imply you multiply 0 x times, that's zero.