Math Problem: Bodyfat %

Sorry, guys, but I’m just having a problem crunching some numbers here.
I weigh 190lbs and have 15% bodyfat. That gives me 28.5 lbs of Fat and 161.5 lbs of lean mass.
If I reduce my body fat to 5%, but don’t lose any lean mass what will my total body weight be?

I’m sure that an easy one to figure out, but I’m just not getting it right now.


28.5 / 3 = 9.5 + 161 = 170.5

Unless my math is off(it was in another post ha) you’d weigh 170. The real question is why does 5% have that big of a significance?

5% bodyfat means that you will have 95% of your bodyweight be LBM.

161.5=95% of X X=170 right?

Thank you.