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Mateus' Road to 40

Just get right to it. I am guilty of trying everything and mastering none. I am 34 yo and have finally have been able to get into a decent routine and have a dialed in diet (for the most part) and now think its time for the log. Here it goes…

Diet: Lift 4 days a week. Generally keep 3,600 - 4,000kcals with carbs high on M,T,W, med-low carb Thurs, med card Fri. and low on the W/E. Carb cutoffs after 3-5pm.

Lifting Monday 6/21/10

Sets: 5x5

A1) Wide Grip BW pullups
A2) Standing Military Press - 155lb

B1) Double Handle Seated cable row - 170 lb
B2) Face Pulls 80 lbs

C) Rack Pulls (below knee) 405 lbs

Strength Tuesday 6/22/2010

Sets: 5x5

A) Incline BB Press 185x5, 205x5, 210x5, 210x5, 225x3/185x2

B) Flat DB Press 90x5, 110x5, 110x5, 110x5, 120x5

C) BB Curl 95x5, 95x5, 100x5, 100x5, 100x5

D) EZ Curl Preacher 80x5x5

Wasn’t really feeling the gym today but I went in anyway. I battle with sleep apnea and last night sucked balls so I am exhausted. Did legs today. Have been doing them light for about 4 months now. Have a pretty nasty case of bursitis in my left hip flexor that has been slow to recover even with the PT. Getting better though…


A1) Front Squats 135lb 3x8 FULL ROM
A2) AB push throughs

B1) Walking lunges 70lb x 20, 80lb x 20, 90lb x 20

C1) Romanian DL 225lb 3x8

Glad to see you keeping this bro. I’ll be reading

Alpha! Thanks for stopping by dude. Figured it was time to hold myself accountable. :wink:

06/24/2010 Conditioning

Warm up: BB complex 95lbs

Tabatas (2 sets): Front squat (just bar) & overhead squat (just bar)

A1) Lying wipers holding 135 lb BB 3x16
A2) knees to elbows 3x8

B) Ab rollout w/ straight bar 2x10

C) Ab rollout w/ straight bar to each side (alternating) 2x10

D) Eliptical intervals: 4 circuits 30s on, 30s off.

Loaded up on my Buzzsaw drink and hit the gym. Doing a DE style circuit of supersets for Shoulders, Back, and Chest. Normal Tricep workout. All supersets were just 2 sets of 10-15 and failure for the shoulder width pullups. 30-45 sec between sets and a minute, maybe 2, between supersets.

A1) BW Rack Chins 2x12
A2) Standing Military 1x12, 1x10 (115lbs)

B1) Seated Face Pulls 2x12 (80lbs)
B2) Pull ups (shoulder Width) 1x7, 1x6 (both were to failure)

C1) Reverse Grip Bent BB Row 2x12 (135lbs)
C2) Press to Neck (smith) 2x12 (185lbs)

D1) Low Incline DB Press 1x12, 1x10 (60lbs)
D2) Low to High cable flyes (cybex) 2x12 (17.5lbs ea cable)

Rope Extension 2x8 (120lbs)
Reverse Grip Shoulder Width Smith Press - RP 3 sets. 8,8,5 (185lbs)
PJR Pullovers 2x8 (70lb straight bar)

**Clean up puddle of sweat…chug gatorade…chug protein! Felt good. Great Pump.