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Mates Cycle


Might as well bring our disagreement here :stuck_out_tongue:

All right so here it is.

This will be his 3rd cycle, and he wants to do Equipose and Test Cyp his 1st was Test only, 2nd was Test only.

Im in the hard and fast camp where i run 8 weeks @ 800 a week and get the hell out of there.

He wants to run the 12 week 500 a week cycle.

What do ye think ?


I think that he should do 12 weeks IF he wont frontload the Eq.

I also think that he would be stupid to do that, when he can frontload it and get out after 8 weeks! :wink:


So just frontload the Eq by what 2 forward weeks would do it yes ?


I don't know what you just said to me.



A frontload means you are taking more per shot for the first few OP...this way you build up the blood levels faster.

Brook - I think he is under the impression that a frontload means you start the longer compound earlier to get levels up before the shorter compound.


I see - in that case he shouldn't be advising someone on their steroid use really.. unless his friend is actually him.. :wink:

A frontload is where you take a dose of the drug that is significantly higher than the planned doses, in order to achieve the peak levels immediately.

If you are shooting 600mg of Eq a week, split into 2 300mg injections, the first injection would be nearer 1000mg to get a good frontload. This SEEMS like you are taking a lot more of the drug, but you aren't surpassing the level you would have achieved eventually anyway.. so technically you aren't using more (although you obviously are!).

When i say 'you' obviously i mean 'your friend'.

Use roidcalc.com to calculate your doses/frontload/cycle design.


Er was lost in translation !

What i meant was start the Eq 2 weeks beforehand, just used the wrong word :stuck_out_tongue:

Week (1 and 2): EQ
Week (3-12): Test Cyp + EQ

Twice a week.


But you DO now know that this isn't what was advised right?