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Mate Trying to Sell Me Protein

My mate ha recently become affiliated with a number of Multi-level marketing companies in Australia. Basically pyramid scheme type business although they do offer products.

Anyway, one of them is this new isagenix brand supplements.

He was telling me the perks are the abundance of vitamins and the way the whey is made, apparently its cold pressed so the protein is more bioavaiable, around 80% compared to other proteins 10%.

I told him my current protien is reasonably priced, I take Metabolic Drive and Surge. He said Isagenix costs around $5 although its "superior quality’. He told me if I do the research I will Isagenix is on a whole another level. Sadly I’m not scientist or nutritionist and I don’t pretend to be. But if anyone has some input, whether it be good or bad, I’d love to hear it.

I don’t plan on switching, Biotest supps have provided me with noticeable growth and benefits. I’m simply curious to the hype his saying.


Isagenix sucks dick mate there is heaps better products out there they use all the fancy words and shit talk about their “studies” but really they have sub par products and have no way to back up their claims. My aunt is heavily involved in the company she makes a shit load of easy money.

They were recently on the news and some people had their products tested and found low quality vitamins and piss poor ingredients along with no real evidence to back up their claims. Heaps of people love it though they say it changed there life and shit but really id rather not waste my money, most of there products are expensive as hell

I read up until “Isagenix”


Fair enough, cheers