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Go Russian…

I honestly think i just got lucky though. I saw this girls pic and said man i need to send her an email. I didnt though for some reason and two days later she sent me an email. by chance, we had friends in common so it was able to go a little faster than normal i guess. She knew i wasnt a pyscho or anything. She already taken me to meet her parents and stuff and she said she doesnt let just anybody meet her parents. So i guess im doing pretty good.

Don’t “go Russian” bad bad bad idea! I work with a man who used one of those web sites to meet a woman. They exchanged emails and phone calls for nearly 2 years. He also visited her once and she came to the states for a visit as well. After 2 years they got married and within 2 weeks she did a total 180 and started threatening him and making weird accusations and finally disappeared one day. He is still trying to locate her to serve her with divorce papers. However, since they had already went through immigration she is now his responsibility financially for the next 10 yrs! Even more scarey than meeting American women online.

After I fired my psycho ex, I signed up for a free trial at I got a bunch of “winks,” but only from girls I wouldn’t consider dating. Well, except for this one little hottie from Thailand. WTF?

I’m kinda dating someone right now, so I forgot about it, but is it worth it? They only let you email people if you pay.

Jeff might get laid for the first time in 5 years! J/K dude. :slight_smile:

SAM- not with that attitude bro. Give them some time and don’t sweat 'em.
I have used with great success and for all the freaks out there check out ( This site is for people looking to fuck with no strings attached and I have to say it has been good to me a few times too. Good for those big test and fina cycles when my dick gets hard just from a southerly breeze.

I was just kidding. I signed up last week and emailed 2 chicks but no reply. Maybe I should shave my head.

Have to say it seems the on-line dating scene is alive and well from this post. I remember when years back nobody wanted to admit they were doing this kind of thing. Guess the internet has helped a lot.

muslhed1171, is that site for real?! I went to it for shits and giggles and I must say I’m intrigued. Looks like a scam though. Are there really that many horny sexy looking girls who are willing to post nekkid pics of themselves on the internet? I’m skeptical.

a side note to you guys using the personals and not getting email back. find a way to include an alternate way for them to contact you. On most of the sites unless you are a paid member you can not return email through the site. many women post profiles but don’t pay for the membership.
sometimes your offsite email will make it past their screening, but often not. try writing it out…
2sexy4U at yawhoo dot com
instead of using…get it?? hope this helps improve your returns.

Iron Maiden made a very good point. I have used my email addy the same way she described and you can for the most part get it through their system w/o it getting deleted.
Scrub- AFF does work but you have to get past some of the “fake” profiles and be able to pick them out when you see them. They usually have some corny headline and are impersonal. They also ask for your private email addy but don’t give it out unless you want a bunch of junk mail advertising pay sites. I have had two positive encounters using the site. It costs about $20 per month which is well worth it. Try to get in one of the chat rooms first of people in your area and go from there. Just be real careful and before you meet get some recent pics and do your due diligence beforehand.
BTW, post a pic of yourself from neck down but DON’T make it something vulgar or nude. There are some really hot women on the site and if you are fit/muscular/athletic they will appreciate your pic and get back with you. FYI-get a gold membership. Much better search capabilities and better exposure.
Good luck bro.

To Iron Maiden - thanks for the tip, I think I will try that with the sites I don’t want to pay for. I 'll post a profile and see what happens, you know, like fishing.

Match is good – I met my current g/f that way, and we’ve been together over a year. I also went out on quite a few dates before I went exclusive. I highly recommend it if you a) don’t like bars or b) don’t have a lot of free time to go out. My favorite part was the search feature – I could screen out smokers, fat chicks, vegetarians, etc, and focus on those women I found most interesting.

Originally, I only emailed girls with pictures, but a lot of the girls with hot pictures were actually fake profiles. You get pretty good at spotting them: hot picture, de minimus profile information, and no age or height restrictions in terms of what they are looking for in a guy. However, after talking to some women, I realized that, for a variety of reasons, some very hot women were on there but not posting pictures. The top two reasons they weren’t were that they didn’t want someone superficial or that they had posted and simply been overwhelmed with the sheer number of responses (most of which were along the lines of “your [sic] hot.”).

Because of the importance of the search function, I think a very important thing about these sites is the sheer number of profiles of members of the opposite sex. With a large number, you should roughly approximate the population of 20-30 year old computer users in your area, and can tailor your own search from there. Match by far had the most profiles for Boston.

Finally, to build a little on what IronMaiden said – a lot of women will sign up for the sites but won’t want to pay. Pay for your membership, then contact them and include your email address so they can write you back without paying themselves – that worked very well.

KraigY, Goldberg- congrats to both of you, especially Kraig. ANd yes Goldy, it sure helped that you knew people in common. THe trust factor is increased exponentially, plus you have mad social proof - if she likes these people, and these people like you, then you’re golden.

JeffRage: sorry dude, it sounds like eharmoney blows donkey balls. And its only set you up on a few dates? How long have you been using it?
I did a little research (I guess you know that from my initial post) and found a few bad reviews about eharmony, so I’m not interested at all. One of them said it was very $$$, but hey your pkg deal sounds about the same as other sites.

Nephorn- thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out.

ALso another FREE site is craig’s list, where they have a relationship area and a freak area for NSA sex or freak sex. Warning: a lot of the ones for NYC are pros, so be prepared to snif out BS.
I do know a couple of guys who have gotten laid thru Craig’s list, straight up nsa sex, So it does work.

You’ll definitely need some GOOD pics of yourself, classy ones showing at least some of your body. DO’t go nude though unless they specifically ask to see your pea-shooter.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think I’ll have much success going the NSA sex route cuz I’m far from cut and lean and it is all obviously superficial and for instant gratification.
But who knows, there’s probably girls out there who want the Tony Soprano (with more muscle), big, teddy- bear type ;+>

myspace is way better than friendster, it actually works when u go there.

Sonny, since I signed up for 3 months, they guantee that they will find 3 matches for me.

It’s my understanding that they are quite successful at setting up people for long term relationships. They will only nitify you if they find someone they think is very compatable with you.

Does “NSA sex” mean National Security Agency sex? 'Cause I already thought they were fucking me.

My 2 cents.I used Match.Com.She’s beautiful,kind,and sweet.She’s also upstairs in my bed right now.We’ll be gettin’ hitched this spring.Good luck.