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WHat’s up t-maggers? I’m looking to do some online dating, so i’ve checked out about 7-8 sites. Problem is, only 2 of them actually list their subscription costs. They want you to waste 20 minutes filling out a membership form, searching and geting a tour. I don’t have time for that, so if anybody here belongs to these sites, pls let me and everyone else know what they cost. I can’t believe I have to go to t-mag to find out what an online dating service costs! THrow in your comments re: the site you use, if you feel like it.
Sites are: match, matchmaker, lavalife, cupid, eharmony, americansingles.
BTW, the following sites list their prices: yahoo is as low as $8.50/mo for a year or $20 for 1 month. Friendfinder is $10/mo, hotornot is $5-6/mo.


ive looked at most of these sites and with mixed reviews.

i think it all depends on where you live and how far your willing to travel.

if you live in central asshole, california like i do, you will soon realize that there is nothing but obese 50 year old skanks looking for a step daddy.

on the other hand if you live in a metropolitian area such as san diego im sure you will find womeen by the boatloads. then again of you live in san diego all you would have to do is hit the bar or the beach.

in general they are about 15 per month except for e harmony. harmony is 50 per month because they have this “scientific” matching bullshit.

I have always found the gym to be the best place to meet others and make “connections”. It’s a healthy environment and the girls take care of themselves (as opposed to smoking in a bar). and I’ve used…not too bad, nothing real good came out of either :slight_smile: but I got a lot of responses. Trouble is you get a lot of weird responses!
Eharmony sounds kind of cool, but I haven’t shelled out for it. Also, it’s a religious-based site; they won’t match up people who are separated but not divorced etc., they’re a little more strict I guess about things.
Ah well…they’re all good cheap entertainment…sit back and laugh at the things people will say!

I’ve only used Lavalife, but I’ve met a number of beautiful, quality women and I’m currently involved with a woman I met through the site who’s a real peach. In terms of cost, you pay by purchasing credits. It costs a couple of bucks to send a message to someone and then all subsequent communication with that person is free. You can really narrow it down to what you’re looking for and cut out a lot of wasted time this way.
I knew the age range I was looking for, the bodytype (fit or muscular) and interests. I messaged a half dozen women or so, dated a few of them I found interesting and now enjoy the company of one of them very much.
A couple of tips: Make sure you see a picture and make sure she has a couple more to show you so that you’re not just seeing the best pic ever taken of her 10 years ago. Shallow, maybe, but why date someone you don’t find attractive. Put up a picture of yourself, not too many women will respond if you don’t have a pic. When you send a message, be respectful, polite and have something intelligent to say. Sounds like a no brainer, but I hear from so many women who say the majority of men they hear from are complete social retards.
Best of luck

P-DOG - i feel for ya. I live in NYC so i don’t have your problem, but it is harder to pick up girls here than just about anywher else except LA. THe women are real defensive and have a bitch shield, esp at clubs which I go to a lot. Then you meet someone, and they live in the suburbs, an hour drive away, you don’t want to commit to that…or you live an 1 hour and a half by subway from the club where you met, making a one-night stand hard cuz she’s not going to stay ‘hot’ for an entire subway ride…THere’s problems everywhere buddy. That’s why I’m going to date online, to cut through their natural defensiveness.
But I will say this- seeing as how your area is ‘dry’, why don’t you try making friends and set up dates in the cities closest to you, even if they’re 2-3 hours away? Then you can hit the city every weekend, or every other, and have like 5 dates planned betw. Friday night and Sunday night. Do a lot of dating in a short period of time.

Body IQ= appreciate the suggestion, but its not going to work right now because I work out at home. Plus, when I do go to a gym I’m all business. But… I am starting grad school next week, maybe I will go to the school gym for some ‘tough’ arm workouts and use the occasion to flirt and get a date.

Elveneyes- thanks for the info and opinion.

Magnus- thanx for your post, I had no idea lavalife charged by the message! That sounds expensive! A few dollars a message? !!!?

Or do they sell ‘packages’ w/ a certain # of messages included?

Who knows why they don’t make any of this clear before you sign up. Maybe they’re not sure of their product? Pricks.

dude don’t let p-dog fool you, there are fine women all ove the place, especially where i live. p-dog doesn’t like to drive for more than 5 mins. that’s his problem.

and as far as that crap i tend to have alot of spare time at work so i tried it out. they are a scam big time. i sent off 6 emails and all 6 replied, within half hour of each other(around 1am) and the emails were word for word except fot the closing line. they get pics of attractive women and write a profile just to take your money. american singles, same shit. and for those that do reply that aren’t word for word they sent me a link to their “home page” that you have to pay to see.lmao. nude pics. i’m pretty sure some are even call gurls. imsure ther are real women on those sites but they aren’t the really good looking

sonny s,

where do you go out in nyc? i find nyc to be one of the easiest places to pick up girls.

Sonny: Yeah they have a package where you buy a certain number of credits for so much $. Than it’s five credits to send a message. I’m Sorry I can’t remember how much it cost, but I think it worked out to about a buck every message. But you only pay for the first message sent to a person and it doesn’t cost anything to recieve a message from somebody. The feature I liked was the ability to hide my profile so no one could see it while browsing. That way i had control over who I contacted and did’nt have to deal with the guilt of blowing off someone who contacted me to whom I was’nt attracted to.
If you are close to metropolitan area, there will be a plethora of beautiful women to choose to send a message to. It really does open up the dating world to give you access to meeting women you just would’nt get the opportunity to run into every day.

mdog lives in a city with fine women but chooses to play video games on friday and saturday nights instead of hitting the scene.

last week his excuse was that he ate to much weinerschnitzel and felt sick. lmao

OK everyone, I found the price to a lot of sites by going to
They’re a thinly-disguised sale site, they review a lot of dating services and every review is fantastic! Losers.
Anyhow, their reviews have prices, so that cleared everything up for me.

Magnus- its 10 credits for $4 up to 200 credits for $40. And 10 credits gives you 60 min of IM or 2 emails. Glad to hear about your experience, 'preciate it.

Try friendster… it’s free, plus you are only a few degrees of separation from whoever you hook up with.

I went on 4 dates on and on the 5th one I found the girl I am going to marry (June 26th) so stick with it. She is out there. It just took me 35 years (and a lot of personal tryouts) to find her.

I am not going to be offended by P-dog’s claims eventhough we live in the same town and I am in fact a single mom. I agree with m-dog, he’s just too damn lazy to leave the house to meet anyone.

As far as those internet matchmaker sites…be careful. As with meeting on the internet in general people have the opportunity to present themselves in such a way that seem perfect. However once you actually meet them that may end up being far from the truth. It is very hard to find someone on those sites that is 100% honest about who they are and how they look. Good Luck!

I met the girl im dating right now at

Stuck up bitches won’t return my email. Guess I’m not “good looking” enough for them.

goldberg, cassanova?

p-dog yeah dude i have been eating real strict diet wise and then for my cheat i had weinerschnitzle(sp). but i ate 3 corn dogs, 2 chili dogs 2 mustard dogs and chilie cheese fries so…

I’m using match and eharmony.

Match was $20.month, but I think it went up?

I got a “special” at eharmony - 3 months for $50.

Only 1 person has responded to me so far at match. We went out, but it didn’t work out.

Eharmony is different in that you can’t browse for people - they pick matches for you. So far, they matched me with a disabled girl, a girl that lives too far away, and the girl I went out with last weekend. We will probably be going out this weekend.