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MATADOR + Velocity Diet for Females

I’m considering the Velocity Diet to help finish off the last ~10lbs of fat i’d like to lose in the upcoming weeks; I still have 10-15lbs to lose on my own to get to the point i’d like to start the V-Diet, but this thread isn’t about me.

With my interest in the V-Diet, the wife has also been looking at it, as we are both in a cutting phase. The Mrs. has somewhere in the vicinity of 30lbs to lose (estimate) to get to a goal physique and one 28 day cycle on the V-diet will likely only induce ~10lbs of weight loss based on prescribed VD calories vs maintenance calories. The V-Diet would need to be used a couple times to reach a goal physique, and I was wondering about the effects of Adaptive Thermogenesis in regards to this. It sounds like there might be a slight concern of metabolism regulating down to the reduced calorie intake and forcing a stall during cut, which is where the MATADOR diet comes in.

It has been shown in multiple studies that when women cut calories, their metabolism slows much faster than men’s do - so to counteract that, things like the MATADOR Intermittent Diet have gotten quite some fame. This thread is intended with scope to my wife/women interested in the V-Diet or MATADOR.

After looking over the MATADOR diet, I believe the V-Diet falls within the calorie requirements of 30% restriction. A potential problem i foresee is that MATADOR protocol is 2 weeks at 30% calorie restriction, 2 weeks at maintenance, repeat; the V-Diet is a 4 week program…
Potential solutions: full compliance with the V-Diet for 4 weeks followed by 2 weeks maintenance, repeat || 2 weeks on/2 weeks off V-Diet? I dont know if i like either of these, but i would imagine the first option to be better, should the metabolism concern be legitimate.

Has anyone combined these two and lived to tell the tale?

There’s a whole Velocity Diet support forum to address these questions, too.

The majority of people end up losing anywhere in the 10-20 pound range, give or take. But it’s consistently recommended to track total inches lost and visible changes (via weekly progress pics) rather than overfocusing on scale weight.

Some people have done this when reassessing their goals after getting through the first 28 days. I wouldn’t go into it already planning to repeat the process a second time. Do it 100%, see where you’re at, then decide the next step.

This would be like training 5/3/1 2 weeks on/2 weeks off. Definitely suboptimal because it’s a cohesive program designed to be follow as planned, not chopped into pieces. You could try the general approach as an experiment, but it a “two-week Velocity Diet” isn’t “the Velocity Diet.”

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I’ll adjust accordingly, thank you for the feedback!

first time hearing about matador

It’s worth a read in the T-Nation archives. Likely more important for females than males, but the study speaks for itself.