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Matador Diet and MFP Exercise Calories

I am in the process of starting the Matador diet and tracking my food using MyFitnessPal (MFP). I have worked out my TDEE and taken 30% off to give me my calorie deficit for the first two weeks.

In MFP I can add Exercise calories which adds the amount of calories I burnt during exercise. Can I use this setting and get the same results by consuming more calories in my training days or should I switch this setting off and aim to hit my calorie deficit?

The reason I ask is that on training days I burn more calories and would be more hungry than my off days. FYI - I have increased my protein intake to help with hunger.

Don’t add kcal from exercices

  1. it is not accurate
  2. you want to lose or gain weight? Not logical to try o compensate for exercice. Have 2 differents diet days if you want to add up the kcal of exercising
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