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Hi, I’m relatively new to this whole weightlifting thing. I’m 17 and I masturbate profusely(just kidding, maybe once, or twice a day if I’m feeling saucy) and I was wondering if that would affect the way I would workout? Like if I did it say, 2 hours before, would that do anything to my workout? Also, I recieved my Surge and Ribose-C today, Advanced Protein arrives tomorrow(had to get vanilla because I couldn’t wait for the chocolate on backorder) and I’m really looking forward to using it. Anyone else use that combination of stuff? Peace.

Wellll, the hair you grow on your hands from pulling your pug so much may interfere with your ability to grasp a barbell correctly.

I don’t know roids…I was thinking that he probably won’t have to use much chalk for those heavy lifts…

I am never shaking hands with a teenage boy again!

You guys are both full of crap. It’s the lotion that’s gonna mess up his grip on the bar.

Hell, he won’t even be able to FIND the barbell beacause he’ll go blind.

It may actually be beneficial, but would depend on size, I think there are some references on this site about large “Bar Size” increasing grip strength… only trying to pull it apart might not be a wise idea.

Sticky hands might lead to an increase in pullups, without having to resort to straps. (Ah to be young again, and regard beating off every day as normal…)

make sure you jerk and CLEAN just before you go to your traditional workout. Only do one set of jerk though, to failure as it is the only true and valid form of training, should I make a NASA reference? (MM)

All you olympic weightlifters, please remember that a clean snatch is very important for proper development.