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Masturbation When Taking Testosterone Injection (Test E)


please dont masturbate while your actually injecting.
If thats not what you mean then this question is equally stupid and you shouldnt do steroids.




Uh, what??

How old are you?

No offence but in your last plethora of posts your grammar has been boarderline illegible therefore I assume you are using some sort of translator to translate a certain language to english. Masturbation, just in-case you’ve gotten it mixed up with something else is the self stimulation of one’s genitals, done under sexual arousal to facilitate an orgasm. Why would you ask about testosterone injections and masturbation? Is it possible you meant to say something else, also judging by your previous posts you shouldn’t be using steroids.

I am hoping it is the language barrier cause I was assuming it was a troll. In which case if it was a troll, he baited you pretty well into that answer, which could make him a, wait for it…Master Baiter.
I know, I know, I am stupid an immature. I blame the TrT.


DAMMIT, I’ve been outwitted

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Inject into the stink-bone right after orgasm for optimal uptake.

Note: i know nothing about Test but this seems right to me

You original response to this was funnier. About him not making you a Master Baiter, something along those lines. Yes, I did see it before you edited it out. lol

I said he didn’t make me a master baiter, I was one well before he came along. However I thought someone replied to me saying he turned me into “master baiter” but said individual was talking about the troll being one therefore I edited it out as the joke didn’t make sense

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But will you still be master of your domain?


I must say, that was brilliant