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masturbation hours

How many hours after a workout can you masturbate?

You should masturbate almost immediately after your workout, absolutely no later than 37.5 minutes after consuming your last drop of post-workout Surge. The ejaculation will cause a spike in your T-levels and should facilitate in both fat loss and muscle gains. :stuck_out_tongue: I love these questions…

You mean you guys don’t take a ten-minute break in the middle of your workout and pound one out to keep the T flowin? And I thought everyone here was a T-Man…

Who cares its all fun no matter what the hour.

Depends if your doing forearms in your workout or not, if so then it could be part of your workout. :slight_smile:

I can do it for a couple of hours, then I get sore and have to stop. :slight_smile:

I’d have to say TEK had the best response of anyone. As for me, I usually try to rub one out on the way home while the images from the treadmills are still fresh in my mind.

Personally, I use Coach Staley’s EMT( Escalating Masturbation Training), and have had great results. I superset wacking with each hand, for 2 15 minute sessions. Once I ejaculate, I try to ejaculate more on the next workout. The only drawback is the cryocups; my balls will not re-descend until 3 hours after cryotherapy. Other than that, I really cannot recommend another penile hypertrophy program. -The Starkdog

holy shit starkdog im laughing so hard im about to shit myself

I thought Staley recommended staccato hot and cold treatment?

Yury, if you do a search for “Vitamin S”, you’ll find some related info.