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Masturbation Diet

Have any of you guys heard about this?

Apparently some Japanese doctor came up with a masturbation diet. He said his patients lost a fairly substantial amount of weight on it. Probably 'cause their hands were too busy and couldn’t shovel food in their mouths.

Anyone think T-mag should write an article on it? Anyone willing to give it a try? heheh.

Hm…my fattest friends are also the ones with the largest porn-collections, so this doesnt make sense.

i’ve been on this diet since i was 12. :wink: actually i am “dieting” right now.
i haven’t noticed any weightloss. some side effects have been feelings of extreme drowsiness, slurred speech, increased heart rate, sore forearms and a pile of dirty socks!

Good point SquatMan. Good point indeed.

Well, I’m more than willing to use my body for the pursuit of science- especially science that involves masturbation. Can you help me design a program?

Let me guess…5 sets of failure? Any rest intervals?

[Yes, I’m still kicking. Two more weeks]

CGB: Why would you ask me to help you design a program? Sorry brother, can’t help you there.

PRM: Perhaps you should put down your sandwich while your on this diet.

Pooh: I think the rest interval is determined by how long it takes you to clean up.

What was the diet? Masturbating all day, or supplementing your caloric intake with your own spooge?

That article was mis-translated. It should have read “mastication diet”, where you have to masticate your food at least 1284 times per mouthful. That’s what causes the weight loss…

Char-dawg: That sounds reasonable…as masturbating 1284 times before chewing my food would probably kill me (Probably with a smile or grimace though).