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Masters Olympic lifting


CT, a Masters lifter I coach competed in the Masters' Pan Am's this past weekend in Chicago. He lifted in the 45-50 age group, 105 kilos plus class. He snatched 130 kilos, cleaned and jerked 165 kilos and totaled 295 kilos. He broke all three existing Pan Am records: the snatch record by 7 kilos, the clean and jerk record by 13 kilos and the total record by 17 kilos. Not a bad days work.

Next up for him is the World's in Turin, Italy in September. I think you could do a similar run as well. I think most, if not all poster, in your forum feel the same way.


Pretty solid indeed. A friend of mine did around the same thing in the 94kg class (maybe 85) but I think that he was in the 35-45 class.


CT, if you decided to start competing in Masters lifting, would you lift in the 94 kilo class?


Yes 94... maybe even 85 at which pointI might compete in Crossfit :wink: at 85 I would be pretty much in bodybuilding contest shape though.


Well, whichever way you go, I look forward to seeing you get back on the competitive platform--you'll do well.


I realize you were joking, but the CF Games have prize money. First place is $250,000, with a total purse of $1,000,000. With your Olympic lifting skills and overall, you would be EXTREMELY competitive with a legitimate shot at winning. I realize you probably don't have the time or even inclination to train for this, but how awesome would it be if you won the Games? You would prove that strength trumps all!


CT @ 188lbs?

Wonder what that would look like?


Well, last time I did a bodybuilding competition I was at 187.