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(Masterpeice) Chris Masters


Hi All

Those of u who watch WWE know who this guy is.For a guyy who only turned 23 today he has probably the best all around physique in the WWE.

6 feet 4.5 inches 275 pounds,just a pure animal.

Not a bad wrestler when it comes down to it.

What do u guys think of this kid?

Mr O


Long torso, medium-length arms and rather short legs. Would have made a helluva O-lifter.


That guy is 23? In like...human years?


Amazing physique I can't deny it but every time I see him, the first thing I have in mind is how much did he spend?

I'm pretty sure he has invested a lil' 50 000$ of hormones in his body.

What are your thoughts about that?


He sort of reminds me of Brock Lesnar.

When Brock Lesnar wrestled for U.Minnesota he weighed 255 tops.. then he disappears into Ohio Valley Wrestling and a year later he emerges as this 300 lb. monster.

I assume something along those lines happened with this kid. Vince takes a raw kid with decent size and a ton of athletism, pumps him full of drugs to turn him into a freak and viola, you have yourself a "masterpiece" or an "animal" like Batista.


I've noticed that quite a few wrestlers ,including Masters,seemed to have lost some size since the WWE announced they will be drug testing .


Drug testing WWE wrestlers. What's the point of that, the fighting is fake so why can't the muscles be fake. Completely absurd imo.


Nevermind Masters what about Bobby Lashley?? He's the beast!!


Ummm, to keep them from dying. Don't be a jerk. Like any sports or entertainment business, there is pressure to get to the top and part of the pressure concerns either looks or athletic performance, thus some of the wrestlers choose to be roided. Let's also remember that given the hellish travel and performance schedule of a high-level professional wrestler, steroid use to aid recovery is not a bad idea.

I watch the hell out of WWE, so I have a few thoughts.

The death of Eddie Guerrero is what brought on the supposed drug testing policy. Eddie died of heart failure. While he had previously had problems with painkiller and alcohol abuse, he had been clean for four years. However, it is entirely possible that he was using or had used steroids. At the time of his death Eddie, at 5 feet 8, was billed as 228 pounds. Prior to his rise to the main event in WWE, he was much smaller.

I haven't noticed much generally in physique decline for many of the wrestlers. The only wrestlers noticeably flatter or smaller are those who were close to Eddie personally: Chris Benoit, Batista, Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio in particular seems to have a rapid decline in body composition. Batista's loss of size may be attributable to lack of lifting stemming from his recent torn lat. Interesting to note, however, that the physiques of both Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero are much the same since Eddie's untimely passing. Chavo may even be gaining size, which would be understandable if he were looking at better future prospects.

Other wrestlers seem not to have changed at all, especially those whose characters depend on their physiques, such as Chris Masters, or those whose spot on the card is not so secure. In fact, Masters does not have my favorite physique in the WWE. Bobby Lashley does. Lashley won the NAIA wrestling championship at 6 feet 3, 177 pounds. He is now billed as 273. He is swoll as hell, and he has not lost any size in the last 2 months. Other wrestlers of note that look no different include Rob Conway, John Cena, Kane, Booker T, Randy Orton, Val Venis, Undertaker, and Shelton Benjamin. So then, these wrestlers were either never roided, or remain roided in spite of the testing policy. I have no idea which case applies to which wrestler, although Cena and Orton are on record as claiming to have never used.

At the very top of the card, note that Shawn Michaels and Triple H are for sure not on anything...because we can remember fondly how they looked when they were. Triple H in particular, now that he is a main event fixture at any time, has gone from a sick physique 3-4 years ago to kinda fat-swoll nowadays.

My thought is that the policy applies mostly to prescription and recreational drugs rather than roids, because the roids can only be eliminated at a cost to the product. Honestly, it's pretty obvious to WWE that we like watching "larger-than-life" wrestlers. So what does it mean if Vince McMahon has been in matches before?


here is Masters


and the absurdly swoll Lashley.


I think anyone who thinks the WWE has a drug testing policy with regards to steroids is extremely naive.

Sure they test for drugs - coke, heroin, pot, but 'roids?

Come on guys, when the man in charge of the whole operation is a notorious juicer and is probably responsible for supplying all these guys with the juice in the first place, how can you actually believe anything this guy says?

Especially when you consider that Vince has a fetish for these massive, freaky looking guys - case in point, look at all the "normal" looking wrestlers - (like Kidman or Christian) they don't last long in the WWE unless they get with the program and juice up.
It's pretty sad, if you ask me.

As long as Vince McMahon is running the WWE, steroid use will run rampant in his promotion.


Angle has actually gained some size since he first came into the WWE some years ago. Maybe its the bald thing making him look bigger, but I'd swear he's packed on some mass.

HHH has lost the definition he had when he came back from his leg injury. I believe he ripped his quad away from the insertion point down at the knee, nasty injury. He was out 9 or 10 months and apparantly did nothinh but rehab and train while he was off. He came back bigger and more cut than ever, but again, if all you have to do for 9 months is train, eat and rehab, the possibilities of growth are great.

I agree, with the schedule those guys keep and the difficulty of trying to eat and train correctly, use of steroids to maintain and keep size and strength up, is probably not out of the question.


Conspiracy theory time:

If anything, Kurt Angle appears a lot leaner than he did in previous years, starting after the shaved head. I would attribute this, if not natural, to diuretics (before showtime) and possibly HGH, which i suggest because (a) his waist seems to pooch out just a bit more than expected despite being quite lean, and (b) if you look he might have some acromegaly coming on--or maybe he's always been that ugly.

As for the decline and fall of Triple H's physique:

At his peak from returning in January 2002 to about the summer of 2003, Triple H was 6-4 and 272 pounds, at perhaps 8-9% bodyfat. At first, some of the mass was lost due either to a groin injury, or on purpose in response to complaints that he was 'muscle bound' and his match quality was suffering. But he at least stayed pretty lean. However, his physique didn't really start to go to the dogs until after he was on hiatus following his title loss to Goldberg, from September to November of 2003. It's generally agreed that he looked shitty on his return and title win at Survivor Series that month. He cleaned up slightly from that, and his physique has continued on in this way until the present, with little movement either way...265 pounds, ~15% BF. Not quite what it once was.

But what was going on behind the scenes? Well, on that hiatus...he got married. And now we find out this week, that he and his wife are expecting. And it all makes sense...perhaps he left the juice alone in order to raise his sperm count and conceive? Maybe if we're lucky, now that that's accomplished, we'll get back the freakishly swoll Triple H of the olden days.


Look at pictures of Angle when he was competing as a 215 pounder in the Olympics. Huge difference in his body between then and now.


That's "absurdly swoll"?


I tried to find seem comparison pics, hard to say what hes done. Definitely looks a hell of a lot rougher bald than with the hair. Guy had a good head of hair. I understand shaving it over one match, but to keep the Kojak from then on?


Look for me at RAW tonight.

I have not been following wrestling very closely for the last few years but it should be fun anyway.


It would actually be good since this will not only make the wrestlers live longer, but make them better role models as some of the youth look up to them.


Wrestlers should be role models? I grew up watching Hulk Hogan and many others. Some even had their own cartoon show for a while. I never gave a shit about any "medication" they might be using and the only reason it is even discussed now is because it is a hot topic. Live longer? Because they were all dropping like flies before?