Masterone... Oh My

Just reached the phase in my cycle where I am adding 100mg Masterone twice a week. Injected it about 2 hours ago… whoa that stuff has some kick. I can see why you body builder types like it for pre comp while you are dieting. I have a serious desire to go do some plyos… f that 24" box, give me the 3 footer!!!

Update: Holy heck! I’m wondering if I had some atypical response to the masterone. I went to the gym hit 6 sets of snatches, 6 sets of box jumps at 36’ 6 sets of planhce pushups, then had 4 sets of burpees and TGUs for desert. In and of itself not an unusual moring session for me, but this was at 7pm when all Id wanted to do was sleep at 5. I was also up till way past midnight. My response to 200mg of test-prop was nothing like this.

Any thoughts on wheter this is normal (within a standard deviation)?

If this is how my whole cycle goes, I may get a masterone tattoo.

Dude do you work out. Don’t tell me you do that thing where you try to balance on half a ball with 15 lb dumbells. Why don’t you put the gear to good use and lift some weight. Geez!!

Your supposed to work out when you use gear? Dangit, I knew missed something. BTW its two grape fruits while balancing on a midget. Then you eat the grape fruit and the midget carries you home.



when a monkey i know tried proviron it was similar.
im looking forward to try masteron too.

DHT is created through excersice to “fill” ur muscles with heaps of endurance… with DHT type stuff you are gonna have major endurance improvments… try doing some running too… your legs would never get tired even if you ran all day… at least not before your out of shape internal organs packed in that is LOL.

if test builds a bigger boat masteron deffo fills it with cargo :wink:

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Yup which was why I wondering if I has having an a-typical reaction, or if those cheeky folks at the lab mixed something fun into my ester… like crack.

I think 'jitsy is trying to take us all for a ride…can you say TROLL!!

Nah, dead serious about the reaction I had. I’ve have too many xbox titles to master to waste my time with spurious posts. Im doing another 100mg today with some test prop, so I will follow up. However, if I had a midget and some grapefruits I would do the aforementioned workout. For the record I AM NOT A BODYBUILDER.

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