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Does anyone have experience with Masteron they would like to share? Searching gave me that it’s derivative of DHT, doesn’t aromatize into estrogen, and has strong androgenic properties. Which means that it works mainly via AR-mediated mechanisms making it Class I, right? What would be a good synergistic steroid to Masteron? Let’s say you use it in a pre-contest stack with Test - would it perhaps be wise to add in Winstrol to get the ultimate hardening effect?

Does genuine Masteron even exist anymore? I know
that a while back anyway, it didn’t.

Well, actually I have access to Permastril, which is the same thing
(dromostanolone propionate), but Masteron is a better known name so
I figured I would get more responses…

I know Getwood is selling it now.

John U or anyone else: You might want to do ask a few more questions about what GetWood is calling “Masteron”…A spade is not always a spade!

Perhaps you guys could clear up a confusion for me. Getwood sells something he calls Andractim and says it’s mestanolone. I presume that this is the product you’re talking about. Now I looked up Andractim on the web and found out that it’s actually Androstanolone. Frankly I don’t know the difference. However Masteron is supposed to be drostanolone. And I believe that mestanolone is actually Primobolan. Now I guess that in the end all of these things are in some ways derivatives of DHT, but from a user’s perspective what is the difference? And following up on an earlier thread of mine, do any of these derivatives have any implications for users potentially sensitive to DHT (prostate, hair etc)?

A quick footnote to my previous post. I looked these substances up on the online catalog of an American company that makes these compounds (if only we could buy them!) This catalog says that Androstenolone and Mestanolone are both common names for 5alpha-androstan-17beta-ol-3-one i.e. they’re the same thing. Drostanolone (Masteron) on the other hand, is 5alpha-androstan-2alpha-methyl-17beta-ol-3-one. Now I’m buggered if I know what that means in terms of what they do. I’m not a biochemist. However Getwood’s Mestanolone is NOT Masteron. Actually, according to my copy of his list he doesn’t say that it is either. My original question still stands though. Now I only know a couple of competent biochemists that contribute to this forum …()

That’s my mistake. Getwood does have Mestanolone listed as Masteron. I just didn’t pay attention, it’s not like I was going to buy it anyway. To answer your questions, these are definitely not the same compounds if the chemical names you gave are correct. The only difference is that there is a methyl(CH3) group on carbon two in the alpha position of Masteron. The are very close to the same structure though they can have different effects. It’s almost the same as adding the akyl group to carbon 17 of Methandrostenolone to allow it to avoid destruction from the liver. This is just basic organic chemistry. I haven’t studied enough to know the different effects of these drugs. Methenolone is Primobolan, a different compound. Yes they can affect the hair. All androgens have the potential to cause hair loss, just varying degrees.