Masteron with deca?

Hi guys,

Recently had a scare with some gyno while running my deca, anadrol and test e cycle, dropped the anadrol which helped out a lot with the sensitivity but still have a small hard lump which I hope will go with time or after my cycle fingers crossed!

Anyway while searching for things to help my Estrogen level stay in check I was reading a lot into masteron and the property’s that it is with keep Estrogen levels down which sounded perfect for me.
Has anyone got experience with trying to bulk with masteron and test ran together?
Is it worth trying to run deca with masteron? Or are they too opposite to work along side eachother?

Thinking about dropping the deca and running the rest of my cycle masteron and test only because feel like if the anadrol has given me sides the deca sides are still to come being I’m only 4 weeks in, or am I wrong to think this?

Of course I will be running an AI and caber if I stay with deca and a complete PCT with either course I choose to carry on with.
Any replies would be great to hear and let me know if I can clear some stuff up, quite new to this forum but been very appreciative with the feedback I’ve had in posts in the past!
Thanks guys

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