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Masteron w/ Test E Cycle

been looking more & more into adding masteron into my next cycle. Was going to run test e @ 500 and possibly a low dose of tren e i have left over from last cycle. I’ve had some trouble finding some masteron that isn’t prop it is even a possibility to find. Would there be any issue that you guys can think of for only doing 2 shots of masteron prop a week? Totaling up to 500 test e, 200 tren e, 400 mast prop per week?
just trying to think of any way to get masteron in this next cycle just let me know your input thanks!

If you’re only going to pin it twice a week it won’t be optimal, but let’s not act like it isn’t still hugely beneficial. There are some die-hards that will tell you that without perfectly stable blood levels you’re wasting good gear, you’re essentially kicking puppies, and you’ll die of AIDS after your cycle ends. The truth is that pinning it twice a week is going to get you more than pinning it zero times a week. You could suck it up and add another pin each week and it would be better. But the bottom line is that you’re probably fine doing it twice a week and getting suboptimal results. It’s not going to kill you. Is it the best way? No. Will it still work? Yes.

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Yeah I get what you mean. I guess I could just add in the mast prop with my test e/tren e pins on M/Th and add in another mast only pin on saturday? Something like that could work I guess!

@iron_yuppie found some Mast E so i’ll be able to keep those blood levels stable for the die-hards. No kickin puppies for me lolol

Good to hear. Best of luck, man. Keep us updated on how it goes.