Masteron va Tren Hairloss Question

I have run about 6 cycles in the past…including my newb fuckup dbol only cycle. Originaly I thought I was losing my hair around age 23 and jumped on fini as a suppression measure. I eventually said screw it and accepted baldness. Funny thing was, my hair loss completely stopped and never continued.

Since then I have done two cycles of test and tren, my last being last summer at the age of 31. I recklessly pushed it to the limits running high doses of tren ace and test cyp for 17 weeks. I had every side effect known to man, but NO hairloss.

I recently aquired some pharm grade masteron and was going to run it next cycle with test E after an early dbol slam. We all know masteron is basicly pure dht,but should I be ok with my good track record from the tren?

I may do just that. If i see the hairline receede just dump it. I love tren minus the insanity it gives me. Last round I got super emotional, dumped my hot ass gf and fell in love with a fat chick. As far as gains though, if it aint broke dont fix it i guess. I was just trying to hold off from buying caber.

It is a bulk. I was going to try and keep myself from completely bloating out by finishing with some cutting agents. I got the masteron for free, but why chance fucking my hairline up if tren hasnt. Traditionaly i run 500mg of test and tren slightly lower… 400 or so if not mistaken. My last cycle was my first bout with gyno.

I dont think it was tren gyno, rather from some dbol i used at the end to try and shock the body for more gains. I got cocky and wasnt running nolva, buy knocked out the gyno with some letro. I didnt get bad sides with the letro and was actually told i could run at low doses on cycle as a replacement for nolva…i have not researched this. Anyway i am up 50 pounds since my profile pic and I was gearing up to try the rich piana 4month cycle he is about to do.(dont laugh) I just think following this in real time will add a competetivr spirit to the training.

Thanks for all the good advice. I will log it all. My worries for going ham on masteron is that I am worried if the hairloss starts, even if i dump it the hair will continue to go with the insane test levels. I am not very clear on if the DHT conversion would somehow continue to linger. Reguardless it is worth a shot. I m trying to get to that 225 mark. It took years to get to 200 from being 6’0 145 when started lifting. As a hard gainer i dont regret my use of aas, i just wish i had the knowlege of dieting and traing that i do now. This program will be the one to do it