Masteron Prop vs. Test Prop

Needing some help with some of the gear I just recieved.

I was going to run a test e/ test prop cycle again after loving it the last time.

Like this:

Week 1
Day 1- 1ml of Test E 250 and .75ml of Test Prop 100 mixed
Day 2- .75 mg of TP
Day 3- .75 mg of TP
Day 4- 1ml TE and .75ml of TP
Day 5- .75ml of TP
Day 6- .75ml of TP
Day 7- .75ml of TP
Repeat for 4 weeks.

I liked this as a kick start much better than Dbol.

Well, got home and got to looking at the vials and I have 1 test prop, and 3 Masteron Prop.

Doing some quick reading, these are pretty different compounds and the 1 vial of test prop wont last me 28 days.

Can I run the masteron prop right behind the test prop like I have listed above with the enanthate, or do I need to source some more test prop?


If you have enough test e to raise the dose up to your same weekly total of test mg after you run out of test prop, just do that and replace the test p with mast p. What I mean as an example is-

Wk 1- 250 test e, 100 test p
Wk 2- 250 test e, 100 test p (ran out of test p)
Wk 3- 350 test e, 100 mast p eod etc

Obviously you don’t have to run the above cycle, but the point is to raise the test e once you run out of test p.


4 weeks
75mg prop EOD (kick-start to the E)
250-350 Test E if you have enough
75mg Mast P EOD

Remainder 6 weeks or so
250-350 Test E
75mg Mast P

Should use the 30mls of mast out for a full 10 weeks. Mast is a very cool drug and makes test work a little better in a way. Frees up test and lowers SHBG even at a dose of 150mg a week pretty well. At least according to blood work I’ve seen. So, even though it is technically less test over the course of the cycle it should still be effective if not more effective.